Working with photoetch -annealing

I think i am finally understanding the process of annealing photoetch. I hit these smoke gernade storage tubes with my butane torch for a second or two and the pe is remarkably easy to bend.
I start the bend with the 4mm roller then wrap it around the inverted end of a micro drill bit chucked in my pin vise. Seems to really do the trick, it holds its shape well (no glue on the part sitting in the photo).
Now i just need to work on just the right amount of glue.


I use the same torch, I keep it moving constantly because very thin runs of PE can burn and curl up. Looks for that nice patina to develop then you know your good in my opinion. Annealing is key I’ve learned to making it a ton easier to work with. It’s my first step during building when the first PE piece is called for.


Looks good to me.

I like using a candle as I’ve burnt up fine PE with a lighter! I wouldn’t trust myself with a torch.


Key with a torch is stay way back from the white/blue cone as it’s way quick to singe and curl. I actually do mine often at night outside w just a porch light, that we can see the cone and more easily control my distance. But don’t use it in a cigar, too much charring, stick w wooden matches or a cooler Zippo.