World Of Tanks French armour color?

Hey there everyone. Long time lurker here, I used to be a little active on the old forums years ago. Hope i’m posting this in the correct section, if not please forgive me.

I have recently purchased the AMX-50B kit from Amusing Hobby and i’m planning to make a fantasy build based on the World Of Tanks out of it. I’m struggling a little when it comes to what color to pick for camo. French armour has this greenish-blueish camo colour in the game - I’m not exactly sure how historical it is because frankly, I don’t really know much about early cold war french tanks. Anyway, I tried to google for some references as to what colour to pick but I was just not successful.

This is the color i’m looking for is this. Anyone has a suggestion?

Hello, I was a WoT player but I stopped back in 2015. I visited Saumur Tank Museum and saw the things.

The colour in WoT is very off from the reality. I visited several museums and almost never see any painted like in game. Granted, they usually gets a fresh paint, but the colour in game is not practical in real life, so I doubt that they would’ve used such.

They are more greyish, dark blue green. If you use Vallejo, the closest, in my opinion, is the black green or grey green. Humbrol 172 Loco green is a close match for a pristine painted tank.

If you want the in game colour, the blue green, “Blue steel” or dark sea blue (this particular one has slightly different shades for the same name depending on their line) from Vallejo or equivalent will do the trick. It will look too light when wet, but once it is dry, it match well with the colour in game. The colour from them