Worldwide Miniatures - Last Days

Our friend Rich [Pennman] sent news about the Worldwide Miniatures website.

The owner of that site passed away on December 2. He pays over $1,000 / year to keep it active.

There’s a lot of stuff there to save for reference. Perhaps you can put up a notice on Kitmaker for anyone who wants to visit that site before it gets taken down. You can add

Worldwide Miniatures

to Kitmaker site, it is OK. Mario called me all the time from Australia. He was like a brother to me. He is already sadly missed.

Worldwide Miniatures
Musician, Modeler, Photographer, Architect, Playwright, and a great friend to many. You can find him on Facebook too.


Thank you Fred, for uploading the above information.

Listen people, what is stated above is true to the best of my knowledge. The website will not always be available, as its owner (creator) has passed away, and like a many of good things, how sad that day will be if that happens. There’s a lot of great modeling on that site from all over the world, and the time is now to go see for yourself. If you have never seen that site, you will be inspired in many ways, just looking at all of the wonderful modeling that site is offering, is amazing in itself.

Here’s a few examples from the Facebook Miniatures section:



That site is truly a wealth of modeling reference and inspiration that may soon be lost.

If you have not checked out this site as modelers you really need to.

Amazing scale work all. From 20-30 different gentlemen and ladies.

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