Would the 18 tooth sprocket King Tiger use the same tracks as the 9 tooth?

I have the Academy King Tiger late and don’t want to use the transport tracks that come with the kit. I have a set of magic tracks from the dragon king Tiger and would they be right.

You would need early Tiger II tracks like this to use an 18-tooth sprocket.

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These tracks could be found on prototypes and some early Tiger II with the Porsche-Turm. There was a late war track that was used on only a handful of late Tiger IIs with the revised 18-tooth sprocket.

I would like to do a late defense of Berlin King Tiger, can I use the 9 tooth sprocket on the Academy late King Tiger or would that be incorrect? Thanks

You could do a late war Tiger II with 9-tooth sprocket. You would just need to replace the tracks if you are not wanting to use the transport variant.

I wonder if the Dragon King Tiger Magic track me would be fine I think they are the 1 piece tracks thank a lot of King Tigers used

The late war 18-tooth sprocket was used with a single link track, which has been offered in one of Dragon’s King Tigers. Most of Dragon’s KT kits use the double-link track designed for the nine-tooth sprocket. The double-link type cannot be used on the 18-tooth sprocket, but the single-link type can be used on the nine-tooth sprocket. All Dragon King Tigers offer the early 18-tooth sprocket, the standard nine-tooth sprocket, and the final 18-tooth sprocket as options in the box.
Hobby Boss offers an inexpensive set of styrene single-link tracks for the 18-tooth sprocket designed for the Tamiya kit, but they should fit most KT kits.
These single-links appeared on a small test batch of tanks issued to the 506th battalion in September, 1944 for field trials. They passed the tests, but old stocks of the double-link track had to be used up first, so they do not reappear until March, 1945, just before the Henschel factory was shut down by Allied advances.

Thank you a ton for your great great information. I know the lake King Tigers had different fenders and the 18 tooth sprocket as well as a lighter gun mainly I think but I guess it would be very possible to see a light king tiger with a nine tooth sprocket and the two piece tracks on it towards the end of the war. I want to do black 402 which star decals 35-C 1095 which has a large 4 and black crosses outlines in red. It shows late production but has the 9 tooth sprocket. So I’m wondering what tracks it actually used since you can’t tell on the decal guide.

Not having studied the KT much, can I ask why the 18-tooth sprocket cannot be used with the two-part links? Those alternate links certainly have holes in the right place for the spare teeth to go through, so I just assumed they could be used regardless. But I know the Bovington KT rescued from the testing grounds has the 18T and later single links…

Gerald never mind I found 402 and a lot of pictures on missing link, looks like a 9 tooth sprocket with late fenders and late mantlet as well with the 2 piece common tracks.

Unfortunately, no; the tracks most often used with the 9-tooth sprocket on the KT did not have the holes for the teeth.

They are the 2-piece style tracks. The Bovington tank has the very late tracks, which are different.