WTS Large collection of Tamiya armor 1/35

I have a collection of over 75 kits to large to list. All are New and never started. But boxes are open. I’m old and disabled and my eyes and hands just aren’t able to keep up with the hobby.
Please let me know what your looking for for a good deal. Thanks.

ecchhhh…brother…that you live closer … :wink:

I am too getting to the point the eyes and hands are not able to keep up. I have over 700 kits in my stash.
Sad for sure…

:beer: :nerd_face: :beer:

As I sent to Michael, if you get down to others that you cannot move, my friend Jon Emery run Models for Troops and would take unstarted kits as a donation.

“My name is Jon Emery and I am an 8-year U.S. Army Infantry (11C20) veteran and a model builder. While my son was serving in Iraq as an MP in 2011 I was inspired by a gentleman helping…”


Not sure where you are in PA but I am in the Harrisburg area. Our monthly IPMS meeting is Saturday February 12. There a several armor guys including myself. If your are interested I can provide details.


Do you have any SAS trucks or jeeps in your stock? Other interests are for kubelwagen, jeeps, other soft skins, motorcycles, etc

Where in PA are you located? I am in the Pittsburgh area, but will be travelling east this weekend. PM me

I have a Tamiya LRDG long range desert group truck and a few German light cars. I just have to get them out and will post a list for you. Thanks.

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I prefer to do mail order sales. Not out of my home. Right now my cars transmission is out. So I really can’t travel. My wife uses her car for work. Thanks. But I live in Roseto 35 miles north of Allentown.

Any post WW 2 vehicles by any chance ?

Perfect when you get a chance just let me know


No sorry. Only WWII. Armor and vehicles.

Could you post photo’s of the kits, maybe in stacks of 10 each?

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OK, thanks. Good luck with the sale.

Too bad, i am in allentown this weekend visiting family.

If you have a list let me know and maybe we can work something out.



Hi, are the kits still available, and would you be interested in selling all of them?

Would you happen to have Tamiya’s 135 Leopard 2A6?

No. Sorry i only have WWII era kits.

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