WW2 US A jerry Cans

I am working on a Jeep kit and need 4 US Jerry Cans.
There are some quality ones out there but I do not need the rest of the stuff that comes with them.

If you have 4 of the same nice individually molded ones I would buy them from you.

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Jeeps are available in many scales, what scale & kit do you have?

More than one type of Jerry can & era, can you be specific?

Eg WW2 Fuel or Water? Modern Plastic water?

I would order from @Petition2God. He has regular and USMC stamped cans.

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3D printed fuel can:

Water can:

USMC fuel can:

PM me if interested.

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Sorry about that , 1/35th and Europe after 1944. Fuel cans.

THen theres’ the good (old) Italeri cans set:

Later Boxing

Thes still have a lot going for them, cheap, & you get loads for your load-out!

Other sellers and indeen makers of 1/35th WW" era Fuel cans are available.

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