WW2 US GATO Submarine 1:350 scale

Here are a few photos of the AFV GATO WW2 US Submarine.
An extremely fine detailed kit w/ included PE.
Built OOB with only addition of flag and mast.
Hand painted with Tamiya acrylics.
No hull number assigned yet as I don’t know what sub to represent.
Hope you enjoy,

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Joe, that is a nice looking Gato. I just noticed - are you using brass shell casings for pedestals on your submarine builds? Cool!

Very nice. No number necessary if it represents a boat on patrol. However, if that is the case, the prop guards would be gone by '44, if not sooner. They were found to be noisy and not very hydrodynamic, therefore used only in port to protect the screws.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for liking and yes those are 9mm spent casings that I drill out, polish and
dip in Future to prevent tarnishing. I also do a little filing to get them to conform to
the bottom of the hull.
Have a great day!

Hi 18bravo,
Thanks for liking and especially the info that you have provided regarding
the prop guards.
Much appreciated!

Very nice Gato! I hope my 1/72 one looks nearly as good!

Thank you for your comment and your Gato is looking just great so far,
keep up the excellent work.