WW2 US paratrooper 3d print

This was printed off my 3d printer

Didn’t quite get the ideal colour I wanted. But will try again and print off another at a later stage


You got the colors right for the most part. I would suggest go to the website below; it’s a store dedicated to the sale of reproduction US and German uniforms and gear for reenactors and living historians. The owner goes to great lengths to be accurate when having his uniforms made. He has multiple original uniforms that he uses as reference and is considered by man y in the WW2 living history circles as a great source of knowledge.

WW2 US & German Uniforms For Sale, Reproduction WW2 American Uniforms & Gear (atthefront.com)

You have to understand that with a lot of WW2 era uniforms and gear; it was made by multiple companies, and nothing was consistent in terms of color shading. Uniforms were a shade or two different, but still officially issued. Just look at the above picture; these are original WW2 unissued uniforms and as you can see, they color shades vary. But i think you’re in the ballpark with the colors.

This is where you will hear the term “Khaki Purists” that will get all over your face because the uniform you sell is not the “Right Shade of Khaki” (Actually, the M4s were made in OD-3 shade - not khaki, with the reinforcements made of a thicker canvas cloth in a darker OD-6 shade of Olive D
Just like the “FIFTY SHADES OF DUNKELGELB/PROTECTIVE GREEN/OLIVE DRAB/KHAKI” purists; the WW2 reenactment community is chock full of snobs that will just your uniform by color shade.

Trust me; I know… :roll_eyes:


Another great source for reference info on WWII US Army stuff… although some of the paint call outs are now dated, since Model Master & Polly Scale are now extinct paint lines…



i think you’ve done a fantastic job on that 3d printed figure, i often wonder why they never make British figures in such a dynamic poses.

where did you get the 3d file for that figure?

Cookie are you in the UK by any chance?

a question for our experts why did US Paratroopers atrach a field dressing to their helmet, is this an additional bandage as i thought they had one already on their webbing?


Extra padding in case of an awkward landing (face plant)? :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_spiral_eyes:
:smiley: :canada:

It wasn’t like a general thing that they did, but some soldiers did it to have as much essential gear on them when they jumped.

These paratroopers don;t have the kit on their helmets…

This one does.