WWI Campaign Honoring Wingnut Wings

Welcome to the Official WWI Campaign Honoring Wingnut Wings on the new KitMaker/Aeroscale forums! This campaign will run until August 1, 2021 and can include any model from World War I, not just aircraft and not just WNW. Post your campaign related discussion and pictures here. It’s been a great campaign so far!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I might have to join in on this one, I have a DFW CV mid production in the stash, just have to finish off a couple other builds first.

Here is the kit I will be building:

and here is some progress on the cockpit parts, just about ready to put it all together:


Beautiful work so far Colin!

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Michael! Got on a bit of a roll today and put together the cockpit and strung the control cables:


A bit more progress, engine together and mounted, also harnesses painted and installed.

As usual for a WnW kit, the fit is beautiful.


Fuselage is buttoned up:

And Pilots MG08/15 and observers MG14 Parabellum (crushed the cooling jacket a bit :frowning_face:


Primed and ready for paint!


Camo on, decals next.


Amazing quick work!

I am still planning on completing my HMS Vendetta build for this campaign, it has just fallen by the wayside due to other commitments. My last post on the old site had her hull built and screw shafts installed. Since then I have only gotten as far as putting the hull red on :frowning:

Michael, it may not be a bad idea to post the campaign rules on this new thread so people know it isn’t only for Wingnut models and is for all things WW1.

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Seems like a good idea. I’ll edit the opening post. That said, yes, this campaign is open to any model from World War I.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all,

I’m jumping in with Eduard’s Fokker Dr. I.

So far just painting little stuff. It seems a good kit, but boy is small! The guys that flew in these were the stuff of legends.


The last time I posted an update to this campaign was on the old site so I will repost here. I am doing HMS Vendetta. A 'V; class destroyer which served in 1918.

My original post.

I have completed the hull to a painted stage and am now ready to start tackling the superstructure etc.

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Hi All!

Rory, I’m constantly impressed with your work, so much so I’m going to give it a go on the Tin Can campaign!

In my last update, I was doing a bunch of little internal painting stuff, mostly grey green, which turns out to be RLM 02. I dutifully painted everything per the instructions, though will admit that the inside of the fuselage could have used a bit of airbrushing the colors, or a lot more focus on true interior painting of WWI planes. While I’m starting to use oils and getting better, this is not one of them! Test fitting shows to my eyes that it won’t be too noticeable. Fortunately, I discovered this prior to tackling the prop and the area between the wheels. There’s quite a bit of a learning curve here for me!

I got the interior done per the instructions, and did use some Mr. Color brass to help outline the instruments that were inside the plane, surprising to me, a lot less than I’m used to!

After lining all the stuff up, which came short on one side of the fuselage, I’m blaming myself for that, the halves came together nicely, and clean-up was minimal.

I did break from the instructions to attach the middle wing, and leave off all the other stuff until the painting will be completed.

Overall, the Eduard kit is superb, my only complaint would be that it’s way too small. However, I’m a die hard 1/48 scale builder, and if I take my time, I get rewarded! More to follow!

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Nice work here! As usual, I’m late to the game, but as I suggested way back when I reviewed it, I’m going for a Dr.I as well. But I’m going to build the new Meng 1/32 kit:

I’m planning on a Richthofen aircraft, but instead of the all red one I’m going for his highest scoring mount, 477/17. The serial number decal comes from the Roden kit, the rest of the decals are going to be from the Meng kit. I’ll be basing it on an illustration from James Miller’s Ace Profiles No.3 on Richthofen:

I’ve always liked the half-red scheme better. Though it means I’ll have to settle on how I’m going to do the streaked finish. At the moment, the plan is oils over Tamiya paint using a small, flat brush. We’ll see…

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice choice! Have fun with the scheme. I’m about to tackle the streaking on the landing gear area, which on this build is the only part, so it’ll give me a taste!

Time for an update! For this bird, I did a prime of MS 1000 Mahogany, which by itself has a lot of possibilities. I then masked the area on the fuselage and shot some white (I really dislike doing white for some reason), which turned out pretty nice!

After this all dried, I masked the white, and did the undersides using MC Air Superiority Blue, a color I really like!

Next up was red! I used MC red, a nice red, and masked the areas that were a lighter shade of red where the insignias were repainted when they changed to crosses in the spring of 1918.

Decals are going on now, and so far they are a bit challenging, mostly due to the cross shape. Overall, this is starting to come together nicely.

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Hi All,

Well, 25 days later and I’ve put this one to bed. And not a day too late! I’d convinced myself that using stretched sprue would be the way to go for the limited amount of rigging needed. Boy did I get a lesson on that!

My first attempt went South when I heated the sprue to tighten it. After 9 attempts, it’s there, but not as tight as I’d of liked. Still this is my first WWI plane in over 40 years so I’m not gonna complain. The rest of the build went along ok. I’m pleased that a trick shown to me by one of our own, using liquid mask on the spots where the struts and stuff go was most helpful!

This is a very nice kit. If I have time left when my stash is done, or I find one that is reasonably priced I’ll do it again as the “Red Baron”! I very much like the layout of the Eduard kit, and ease it went together. With several other WWI birds in the stash, I’ll have lots of opportunity to practice up on my rigging skills!

Thanks for a fun campaign, I really enjoyed this one! Till next time, have fun, wash your hands with soap and water often, and keep on modeling!!

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