WWII Goodyear blimp by Mark 1 Models

As you can se there is not a lot to this kit. It qualifies for hot out of the molds but I’d be embarrassed to use what looks to be so simple in that category. It’s 1/720 scale


Interesting to see how it builds up.
Been looking at their Zeppelin kits and wondered what they were like.

they are not hard to build but there are no real location marks for the delicate gondola assemblies so those are hard to get right. I can post pics I guess

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Use it. Simple? Sounds good to me!

Please, post pix.

Way back when, ITC made a USN blimp. I keep meaning to write it up, maybe this is a good time? I’ve never seen it.

Thanks. Would love to see some some pics of them.

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This is Mark 1’s R34. I’ll post pics of the Zeppelin “P” class later


That’s really nice. Very neat build.

Wasn’t the R34 the first airship to cross the Atlantic from Scotland to New York?

i believe so

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I do have a book about it somewhere, which I read years ago.
If I remember right, it made the flight with two stowaways on board. A teenage lad who wanted to start a new life in America and a cat!

zeppelin P type. I’ll eventually redo this one because the dull coat reacted badly with the dark brown paint


The blimp halves glued together. There is a ridge that’ll need to be sanded flush. There are NO locating pins to insure the alignment of the bag halves so care has to be taken to be sure they remain alligned. There is an alignment tab for the nose to bag


The blimp sanded, primed, and re-sanded (in the few spots that needed it)


Gas bag painted

Landing Pylon assembled. It was a little tricky to get together because there are no locators and when I’d try to get side one aligned with two, three would misalign.

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