WWII M-17 trailer mount, Director Trailers M13

Hi, I looking for specifications, LxWxH of this trailer . I can’t found any data about in TM´s that I get.
Also could be welcomed Generator Trailer M18, Director Trailers M13, M14, and M22 and Mount Trailer M17 info.
Any help?.
Cheers Alvaro

Hi Alvaro
This was on ‘Missing Lynx - Allied’ a while back: M16B conversion thoughts - Missing-Lynx

It’s an intriguing project. Also featured in an old MAFVA magazine with plans, many years ago - I should have that and will try to assist.
I do have the reasonable 1/35th ADV resin kit to use, I want to put Dragon’s Quad AA in it.
See also: M17 Director Trailer - Page 2 - G503 Military Vehicle Message Forums

Andrew T

Here you go. scroll down.


Thanks guys!

"Director’s Trailer:" Seen years ago at the then Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana!
Very sorry the photos could not be more clear as to the suspension on this. Never could figure out exactly what was going mechanically here.

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M22 Director Trailer:

There is one by my house sitting in a farmers field.