WWII U.S. Army tankers uniforms

I got a US army WWII tank crew set from alpine miniature 35286 . The figures are wearing jackets, i believe called the Ike jacket but i may be wrong, but would the vallejo US NCO Europe set work or should i go with the AK set?

Not sure which AK set you are thinking about using but I am thinking not. The tanker jackets are khaki colors and the Inf jacket is more green color.

Vallejo has this set


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@Tank_1812 thank you, i didn’t know they had that set. Do you know if there’s a step by step guide with it as well?

Edit: disregard in the top corner it says step by step. Thank you once again!

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The “Ike Jacket” was cut similarly to British Battledress:

The M 1941 jacket (Parsons Jacket) was worn primarily by infantry, but sometimes also by armoured:

Tank crews usually wore this jacket:

While the “Ike Jacket” was intended for combat use, I don’t believe it ever was, and was saved for dress wear, and post-war occupying troops. This painting guide may also be useful; Guide to Painting
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@Biggles50 thank you, the paint guide is excellent i have a few dioramas i want to build using U.S. figures and this will help immensely.