WWII U.S. tank crew

I got a US army WWII tank crew set from alpine miniature 35286 . The figures are wearing jackets, i believe called the Ike jacket but i may be wrong, but would the vallejo US NCO Europe set work or should i go with the AK set? I want to use them on my M7 Ersatz that i am almost finished with building.

I looked up the set. Those guys are wearing the tanker jackets, not Ike jackets. The tankers jacket was a zipper front cotton outer shell with a wool lining and knit cuffs, collar and waistband. The shell was a khaki olive color when new and could fade to various shades of light green or tan with age and wear. The Ike jacket was a dress uniform item made from OD wool.


FWIW the Vallejo set has the colours I tend to use on my WW2 US figs - the Khaki and Khaki Grey are the workhorses. The knitted parts can be made to “pop” with a dark wash and a gentle dry-brush of beige or Khaki lightened with a bit of white.

I’m not a big fan of AK paints so cannot comment on them.

@Stikpusher thank you for that information, it’s a shame to say but I’m not all familiar with the American uniform tidbits. To be honest these will be my first American figures in quite awhile.

@barkingdigger i tried looking up the Vallejo step by step directions but could get a full blown set on what they showed. Just got a zoomed out picture that showed the step by step but when i zoomed in it was small. I have the early war paratrooper paint set from them and it was awesome. I do like using AK to spray with but i feel like the vallejo gives you enough direction to get all the intermediate highlights and shadows where as AK says this is the high light this is the shadow and it doesn’t talk about the in between.

Greg, I just compared the colors in a tanker set, I have the NCO set also and they are nearly identical. You are good to go!

In fact I just got some paint sets today that I ordered and realized while shopping most set are so repetitive minus a color or two and frankly I’m not going to notice a slightly different shade of black to justify a different paint set. Look at the call outs or blow up the pictures of the boxes and compare.

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Greg, here is a great site for US Army WWII uniforms and equipment,


@MontanaHunter ive begun to notice the subtle one or two colors off paint sets these days. I’ve seen it with ammomig here and there.

@Stikpusher thank you for the reference site, it’s been ages since I’ve painted a us figure. Maybe going on 20ish years or so.