WWII US Diamond T Gun Rack Question

The main kit: Mirror Models (35805) 1/35 ‘US Diamond T 968A Cargo Truck / Open Cab.’

My question is regarding the LZ Models (35443) ‘1/35 Detailing Set for Diamond T 968 Cargo.’

On the aftermarket instruction sheet, there’s a gun rack (PE42) with nothing more than bending instructions for the part. However, according to the main kit’s drawings, the gun rack is shown mounted in the left-hand rear corner of the cab.:thinking:


Has anybody seen an actual photo of this gun rack position? … I’m all Googled out here.:face_with_monocle:

Thank’s in advance.:beer:

That is correct. There is/was a double rifle rack next to the driver’s seat. I have seen pictures of it that way in the cargo version and as well as the wrecker version with two M1 Garands in place.

Hope that helps.
Randy :slight_smile:

Randy, That absolutely does help. And I greatly appreciate your input. Now, can you direct me to a link for such a photo?


PS: I found a couple of barely visible empty gun rack images just now. I modified my Google search tactic from “cargo” to “wrecker.”

Thank’s again!

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Glad to be of some help. I’ll send you that info when I get home…I’m supposed to be working right now. :shushing_face:

Randy :slight_smile: