X-Wing 3D print 1:68

My X-Wing from Gambody, printed with resin in 1/68 scale. I didn’t glue all the parts yet, the wings can be articulated in closed and open position. Very nice detail overall :slight_smile:



1:68? Now that’s a scale I never heard of before! But the model looks great.

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It is the default from Gambody, but can be scaled to anything you like :wink: . I will make it probably in 1/48 also :slight_smile:

it looks great and you can alter the sizes as i have done this myself…well my 3D printing guy has hmdone it for me.



How is the smoothness of the resin parts? I used a 3d printed B-29 in a previous project and found the finish quite rough. Needed lots of sanding to get it smooth.


Hi, the finish from my printer is very smooth, I use it for printing figures and various parts for scale models :slight_smile: