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X-Wing Starfighter RED5 (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) 

Scale - 1/72nd

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I think this is more of a re-release with a new base as it doesn’t look any different to the original one they made a few years back.

New markings as as well I believe.
And don’t forget there is a figure of Rey as well :joy:
Andy :slight_smile:

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I’ll be picking up at least one, but the base and Rey (and most likely the markings) will be sent to the spares bins.

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I suspect that bandai are done with star wars and that troops are all they are going to do as the last 3 star wars films were well below expectations and didn’t sell as much in the way of model kits.

new decals and a figure of a forgettable actress would be a cheap easy solution…incidentally didn’t Luke Skywalker get a raise in rank from red 5 to flight leader or something like that in Empire Strikes Back, so why would still have a Red 5 x-wing?

Well Im hoping Bandai start on the Mandalorian series of vehicles and figures.

Luke still had the callsign Red 5 during the Empire Strikes Back, but he was made a Lieutenant.
Now during the Battle of Endor Red Five was flown by Grizz Frix, who was KIA.
Years later, Skywalker resumed his use of the callsign in the Battle of Tandankin.
Info from Wookieepedia | Fandom
Andy :slight_smile:

Not for me but a two seat long range recon Y-Wing on the other hand!

During Empire Strikes Back, he is Commander Skywalker, and goes by the callsign Rogue Leader during the Battle of Hoth. His X-Wing looks to be the same one flown as during the Yavin 4 Death Star battle. But theoretically that ship gets left on Cloud City during his escape on the Millennium Falcon. Just go watch it!
Whatever X-Wing he has for Return of the Jedi should be a replacement. And of course by then Wedge has been promoted from Red 2 to Red Leader.

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@Stikpusher so yet another plot hole has been found in the new star wars films unless like went back retrieved it from bespin but I would have thought the Empire would have impounded or destroyed it, so that option wouldn’t be available.

dear God these new films suck more than a ruddy Dyson.

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I’d have to go watch Return of the Jedi again to see if the markings on that X-Wing match those of Red 5 or if he has a new ship. It’s only glimpsed briefly after Han is rescued. It’s not so much a plot hole as continuity. Luke is last seen at the end of Empire with the Rebel fleet, and all sorts of X-Wings zipping about. Being a Commander, you would think that he could pull rank and get a new one assigned to him since the Empire would theoretically have their hands on his last one on Bespin. Why risk going back to Bespin when they have more available in the fleet?

And yes the post trilogy sequels do suck more than a Dyson.

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Yeah my mistake, reading the wrong bit lol.
I think he must have got a new ship, as Cloud City was under the Empires jurisdiction, somehow I don’t think they would have let a rebel soldier come and pick it up :joy:
But someone could have pinched it during the mass exodus of the city!
Andy :slight_smile:

Some Cloud City resident thinks to himself… “ ya know, Lando said to leave, and here is this X-Wing with nobody around and keys in the ignition…” :thinking:

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I’ve got a vague recollection of one of the expanded universe books mentioning Luke’s X-Wing being taken by the empire and kept by Vader. I could be wrong of course and I’ve imagined it😁