Xact Models T-80U | Armorama™

Very hard to make, but the most accurate and amazing Xact Models T-80U at 1/35 scale. Revolution resin figure and voyager PE parts are used.

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This is fantastic to see, a really fine finish to complement the awesome details. The figures are also painted to a high standard and posed nicely in their hatches plus the excellent flag brings a nice splash of color.

What Karl said Times 2!
Not familiar with Xact Models. How was it to build? Good fit, clear instructions? Tracks, rubberband, link & length, individual links?
Thank you for sharing with us !

Yes outstanding in every way. Love the paint job and figs came awesome.

xact’s T-80U is very accurate. It’s much better than DML and Zvezda, and even more precise than trumpeters. However, the main gun seems to be a little different.
However, it is a very difficult model to make. They are immature in the design of plastic models. Most parts will need to be adjusted.
Soft plastic tracks are useless! It will be deformed due to the influence of the rubber band. I’m using a trumpeter one, but the pitch doesn’t fit a bit.
Below is a better review than I am. :grin: