XM1 Abrams prototype

With all the Abrams Iv built including the Abrams X has wanting me to build the tank where it started at the XM1 now here goes the question which kit would be easier to backdate the Panda or the old tamiya kit?


Probably an original M1 from Tamiya. I think that this was based on a late model prototype if memory serves.

the last time i built it i used the the old Tamiya kit
and and the tank in the drawing does look longer and the tamiya kit is a bit longer than the RFM abrams kits and im sure the panda M1 is the same as the RFM kits
just need to try and calculate how big to enlard the drawing to 1 35th scale

If these are the 1/48 scale drawings from Hunnicut’s book it would be 137% to enlarge to 1/35.

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Although some of the photographs have gotten “muddy” with successive printings, the RP Hunnicutt book is an excellent resource for the early Abrams.

Keep in mind it was originally published in 1990. The current volumes are all 2015 reprints and it’s a bit pricey new.

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Im planning on getting it

Shop around and see if you can find a used copy; you’ll save $10-20 depending on the seller. I got most of my nine Hunnicutt volumes used.

You done the 140mm CATTB / Thumper, too?

Would that be the Chrysler XM1 or the General Dynamics XM1??? Or the XM1 prototype adopted and tested by the army??? They are three separate vehicles.

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Im refering to the chrysler XM1

no i havnt havnt done Thumper yet but a few years ago i built the one with all 3 crew members in the


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i just picked up a used copy of the or original print from 1990 on amazon i read revievs that the reprints were photocopied and the line drawing and pics are grainy and not clear

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i built that from Tamiya’s original M1 kit

Off topic for this thread but I just ordered one of these and I figured it would interest you:

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I have one coming

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considering i have a SEP V.3 on the way i can say iv build at one time or another iv built ever variant of the Abrams from the XM1 to the Abrams X