Yak-9 Wheels & Exhausts | AeroScale

Special Hobby have released CMK resin upgrades in 1:48 and 1:32 for ICM's Yak-9 kits.

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Sorry for being offtopic but for anyone still having Airfix Yak-9D and not wanting to bin it right away, there is still hopeā€¦ Until recently, best 72nd Yak-9D used to be the Dako-Plast article. Even though the ICM counterpart is a far cry, it still has its merits, one being two sets of fuselage plus canopy. Incidentally, Airfix final reissue of their ancient kit does have two markings for a different version, with longer canopy and cockpit further aft, so here ICM replacement fuselage and canopy is a must. In general, even though ICM parts still require rework, myself strongly recommend crosskitting Airfix with ICM leftovers.