Yakovlev Ut-1Hydro (1:144 scale, Mikro-Mir)

Here are a few photos of the latest model I completed. It is one more 1:144 scale aircraft, a minute Ut-1 with floats, built using Mikro-Mir’s kit and some scratch built details. It was painted using Vallejo acrylics, Ammo’s washes and oil colors.

I run into some problems with the float structs, that I tried to hide in the photos. I hope you like this little model.


Marco Preto

Instagram: @marco_a_c_preto


Amazing work on that one.

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Looks stunning Marco, hard to believe its that scale with the close up images :smile:

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well done sir, i must commended you on your build anf your eyesight to be able build a model that small.

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