Yay. Finished my RFM Panzer iv J

Great kit. RFM do a good job. Mind you I’ve now forgotten any cursing I did along the way!!

As this was my first 1/35 AFV kit I had some issue with what was what and why it was a what. I wish someone who publish a guide to what the parts are. ie engine and transmissions are easy. But what’s that blob I had to glue on the other blob? It would help understand how it would be painted and would ware.


It came really good. I like the subtle weathering you did on the surface of the tank. Good job

That came out well. Nice job. Looks a little factory fresh, but they were all new, for some short period of time…. Keep up the good work.
And there are dozens of reference books available to help with ‘what’s that thing?’ Also search YouTube. Many great videos on the real thing, as well as modeling it…

Here’s a YouTube video (recent) on that kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bsR2vtV4pM
Full build in Japanese but with English subtitles (closed captioning)

And the Chieftain’s YouTube channel is always a great reference for the real thing. Here a link to his tour of a Panzer IV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyMzq6j0Ly0

There is also a book on the Panzer III that might shine a light.
Panzer III: Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. A to N (SdKfz 141)

Thanks guys. Bravo46 it’s actually a different kit to that shown on the video. Same but different!! Mine is kit #5043. I forget what the difference is. It’s also not as clean as it looks in the images. I’ve also watched the Chieftains video.

Next project now o my work bench is RFM Early Tiger 1. More homework!!


As a child modeler some 50 years ago, I thought I learned alot from the old instructions. What was a road wheel or generator or transmission etc. However, as the hobby has become more global the directions have become more schematic in order to accommodate hobbyists of many different languages. I think it is too bad. References have become better and more plentiful, but not as immediately useful and all this is just one more reason it is harder for youngsters to get into the hobby.
By the way, how would you compare the design and fit of parts with Dragon or Tamiya?


If that’s your first 35th scale kit you should give yourself a pat on the back. It finished up looking great. Well done.

Johnnych01 not my first 1/35 kit. My 3rd actually but it was my first military kit.

Thankfully there are lots of references on the internet. But often they simply don’t tell you what the “thing” is that is attached to the other “thing”.

I struggled with the rear panels on the Pander iv J. I asked on this forum and got a lot of help and explanations. Thanks to those who helped me out.

Forums are great libraries.

Now onto my RFM early Tiger 1.


Good delicate work and so careful and delicate painting.