Yeovil Model Show, UK 2022

One for the diary Chaps (if you’re based in UK): Sun 10 April at Westfield Academy, Yeovil, Somerset BA21 3EP.

The last one - Oct 21 - was pretty well attended by both clubs and punters.


Just giving this one a bump for any UK based modellers; not too far distant (I know, I have to complete a build for it!)

After two years without shows, I’m really looking forward to this event.
At least it’s given me the opportunity to complete some new small-scale
diorama projects.
It’ll be my first visit to the Yeovil show, and am hoping to catch up with
a few people that I met before the lockdown, and to make new contacts.


Great Paul - might even tie-up; I’ll be there within the guise of Stonehenge Modellers (not a club just me and a mate). Epic fail on my part is that I’ve hardly built anything new so be prepared to be underwhelmed.

Looking forward to meeting you.
I’m a one-man band, with a small-scale display entitled ‘Military in Miniature’.
However, this year I’ll be presenting my new selection of non-military pieces,
just to add to the interest.


Brilliant! see you there.

Checking my work roster Monday as there have been changes while I was off this shift. Fingers crossed I can get back up :+1::+1:

Great John - be good to see you there again - although you’ll be underwhelmed with my rate of build!

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I still enjoy looking at stuff I’ve seen before. You always miss bits the first time round :+1:

Today was the model show at Yeovil (small town in southern England) and what a cracking little show it all was; very well attended and the first of the season for me and my modelling mate, Pete Smith. He runs a very comprehensive blog of his builds and such shows. Please see the link here:

Pete’s Model World (

To be honest if anyone tied up with me and I wasn’t perhaps presenting as my usual amiable self, I went down with a cold early this morning and felt pretty crock for most of the day; at least I hope it’s a cold(!)

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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Glad it went well… Bit gutted I couldn’t get to it this time, was sat at the desk all day sadly :frowning:

Don’t worry John, as I described I had very little new to show at all! That said the show was pretty good and I always go away inspired and depressed in equal parts(!)

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Just giving this a bit of a bump so that many of the inspirational models* there aren’t overlooked by the wider community.

    • not neccesarily mine(!)