Yeovil Model Show (UK) 2023 - 22 Oct

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Ah, just sent you a PM!

Roger that; ditto!

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Will be there as well… Will be a passing through visit as I have to go and collect SWMBO from Hants and then head back…aiming on being there for 10… And hope to find the Airfix ferret there…if not, the model shop in Plymouth has it for 23 quid …

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See you there John! In the meantime, dress rehearsal for tomorrow (sadly nothing new apart from my Inner German Border project as a Work In Progress):


Great show today, great catching with you Brian and Pete and also Paul @pbennett and his amazing 1/72 mini dio’s/ vignettes … And I got a Ferret … Good day all round … Apart from the 12 hour round trip drive to Hants :see_no_evil:

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Sadly, couldn’t track down Terry @Terry1954 so will have to catch up at the next one :+1:


Yup- great day today - some great models on display and arguably a fitting end to the display season (from Stonehenge Modellers’ point of view).

Some 5 Armorama members on parade today; those above and Luciano (Littorio) which might be some sort of record?

'Great to see you all guys, really great for a relatively small, provincial, but quality show.

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Shame I missed you John. I was there with Poole Scale Modellers (aka Wessex IPMS) and we were in the main school building although I did dart about a bit looking around all three buildings, and spent some good quality time talking with Brian @BootsDMS and his mate Pete, both of whom I’ve known since my days at Salisbury IPMS (When I lived up there).

Defo catch up next time!


Who’s at Telford weekend.

I’m definitely going to try and get to one of the days …prob the Saturday

I’ll be there the whole weekend (from Friday for set up). I’ll be with Wessex IPMS (aka Poole Scale Modellers) and also the adjacent Target Facilities SIG (which I run). We will also be right next to Dorset IPMS (aka Poole Vikings), the other Poole based club, which I also belong to!

All welcome to come and say hi if you get the chance.

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For those interested, the Target Facilities SIG details can be found here:

FB page also here, but not sure the link works…?

Looking forward to seeing anyone who drops by.

Pete Smith’s (my counterpart in Stonehenge Modellers) blog show report shown here:

Pete’s Model World (

It was a very good show; enjoy!


I forgot to mention that quite a few of Paul Bennet’s exquisite small scale efforts are covered within (in the link indicated); they are truly remarkable and certainly worth a look even if you model in a different scale.

As I said, enjoy!

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I am convinced someone said Telford was the 25 Nov … its 11 & 12 Nov isnt it ? In that case I am screwed … wont be getting to it … :sob:

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It is the 11th and 12th Mate; upside is you can get hammered after Remembrance Sunday - or is that just me?

I haven’t been for a number of years; to me, and I realise this will seem like a heresy, but as a model show it falls a bit flat. nearly every display is a double width of tables so that means one can’t communicate with the modellers the other side of it it, and to me, that’s what a show is all about.

There’s also - or was - the apartheid whereby IPMS members go in before the proles, and that made me grit my teeth a bit; I appreciate it may all have changed.

I sort of see it as a trade fair more than a model show and of course, for a one-stop shop it’s fine, but it just didn’t do it for me, which is why Stonehenge Modellers elected to go for the Belgian Nationals - and have now for around 7 years; the sad thing is they’ve changed their dates so now we have a problem attending that - which really was a good show, as well a decent run ashore(!)


I’ll be at Telford. On the British Bulldogs stand. Hope to meet some of you there. Paul

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