YMS-419 Minesweeper (1/350 - Nikos Model)

The year long group build for my local model club is “War in the Pacific” I decided to go small and build the Nikos Model 1/350 scale YMS-419 minesweeper. Bit of a palette cleanser after my USS Enterprise CVN-65 and it also gives me something to do while building the airwing.

Kit is resin and PE with a laser cut deck. Not too many parts.

This is a seriously small little ship. For comparisons sake here she is next to a 1/350 scale F-14.

I am hoping it will be a fun little build :slight_smile:


From the ridiculously huge (big E) to the teeny tiny …should be fun though like you said …

I had honestly forgotten that I had started this thread until like yesterday. So unfortunately I haven’t captured the progress of this build. After the original post she was put aside to focus on the Big E airwing. I remembered it just last Thursday so have gone from pretty much just parts to complete in 4.5 days :grin:

That being said, I put the final touches on her today and she is ready for presentation :slight_smile:

I know the life rings should be grey but I intentionally painted them orange for a bit of colour pop.

This is a small kit with tiny parts. Drill sizes used were between 0.3 and 0.6mm. Total length of the ship is just under 5 inches.

The basswood strips on the base are way too big but were all I had on hand and I didnt feel like trying to hunt down small ones. Oh well, looks pretty good.

This was a fairly easy build and a nice entry into a fully resin kit but it did have some issues. I subbed out the kit 20mm for some aftermarket 3D printed I had on hand. I also had to build up the mast with brass rod as they supplied wire in the kit to use. Stiff wire, but wire none the less and it just bent so easily. Luckily my local hobby store had 0.6mm brass rod in stock.

The hull letters came as a mask on the PE fret. It was really hard to get to conform so there was some bleed. Cleaned them up as best as I could.

No idea if the rigging is accurate. Just copied another build from online and made a few changes. At some point I will source an appropriate sized flag and add to the kit since it didn’t come with one.

The kit was also missing one of the actual sweepers on the aft deck. I didn’t bother to try scratch a replacement and will just say its deployed in the water. Kit was also missing the ships boat. I replaced it with a 3D printed dingy from MicroMaster that I had spare.

Last issue was the instructions sucked. Hard to make out, numbering all wrong and the layout and numbers for the PE fret on the instructions didn’t match the actual fret at all.

Nice to get her complete and she only sat in the stash for 2.5 years before I got to her which is good for me. Usual stash time is normally like 5+ years :rofl:


She looks great. :+1::+1:

Very nice!

She definitely looks great!

  • and nice size comparison with the Tomcat!


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Brilliant … size is so deceiving when you look at it on its own… You nailed it, and then some !!

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Looks great. Really well done.


Super work, Rory! I love the grubby, well-used wood decks. Outstanding! :hugs: