Your 90th percentile airplane kits

What are the top 1 or 2 kits you’ve built over the last 5 years? I said 90th percentile, thinking that if you’d built 50 you could identify the top 5, kind of thing. I’ve built a lot of 1/72 kits and am sticking my toe in on 1/48th kits. Just wondering what others experience of really excellent kits are.

Tamiya 1/48 Tomcat,a real gem to build
Tamiya 1/48 F-16

Currently working on a AMK Mig31 which has been a dream,so well engineered,great fit,not overly complicated,and something I appreciated is really small sprue attachment points

While longer than five years ago, I found the 1/48 Tamiya P-51D & 1/48 Tamiya FW-190D9 to both be a joy to build. Definitely in the top 10% of airplane kits I’ve built. Excellent fit. Thinner aftermarket decals a plus.

Hands down absolutely no doubt Tamiya 1/48 P 38 .
Best model kit of any scale, genre I have ever built and I’ve been at it for 60+ years. Next would be The Tamiya 1/48 Ki 61 Tony , then their P 47’s also in 1/48 .
Regardless of what you build - cars , ships , armor , aircraft - anyone who enjoys putting kits together should build Tamiya’s P 38 just to experience how good a kit can be .

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Eduard’s more recent 1:48 scale Fw 190 A’s are a joy to put together and the various paint schemes make interesting models. Also ICM’s 1:72 scale Do 215 is a very well designed kit, that took little effort to build :smiley:
tim :smiley:

Really enjoyed building the Airfix 1/72 Whitley. I had my doubts as to how well it would build, given the engineering and break down of parts, but it was flawless! So impressed was I that I got the Coastal Command as soon as it was released. Brilliant kit and a largely forgotten aircraft too. Everyone should have one of these strange looking bombers in their collection.


Building mainly 1/48 aircraft kits I’ve become an “Eduardoholic” over the last few years. Most of my finished builds in the last 2-3 years come from Bohemia. Right now I’m on their “Tally Ho” Spitfire Mk. II, but also their Bf 109 and Hellcats are a joy to build. Soon I’ll test their new Mustangs. The newer Airfix kits in that scale are also fun. So I have enjoyed their Blenheim and the Sea Fury.

On the other hand my latest armor build, Tamiya’s MCV Type 16 in 1/35 was also a pleasure to build.

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Another vote for Eduard, 1/48 Nieuport 11 Weekend was a great build, as was their Yak-3. Best recent build for me was Great Wall 1/48 P61A

Believe it or not, one of the more enjoyable kits I’ve built in recent times was Airfix’s 1/72 Gloster Gladiator from their new tooling of the subject :+1:

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Funny! I was just looking at this kit fro the twin engine fighter campaign. Might just have to pick it up. It looks pretty amazing from the pictures I’ve been looking at

I’ve read a lot of nice comments about the Gladiator. I built the new tool Spitfire from Airfix a couple of years ago and it was really nice.

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I just realized that you are responding about the Tamiya P-38. I’m going to get one of these and build it, and that’s what prompted me to propose this campaign! I’m leaning towards doing an early version in N. Africa - collecting reference material now.

It looks like an excellent kit! I love the P-38