Your opinions please! Best kit for each German model in 1/35th?

In your opinion, which kit is the best to get for each German armor model in 1/35th? I’m thinking of the vehicles below to get this narrowed down a bit. Thanks for your thoughts!

Sdkfz 251
Pz I
Tiger II
any of the Bergepanzers


Wow,what are you looking for,affordability,ease of building,details extras?

I like Tamiya’s newest offerings,usually cant go wrong
Dragon makes some great German armor
I’ve built a Border Model Panzer IV was good.

Your better off taking each type one at a time,for a example,a Panther,see who makes them and then explore build reviews to see what appeals to you.


There’s also a lot of possible variants of most of those - 4 different sets of Sdkfz 251 each with up to 20+ variants.

The newer Academy kits are coming out very nicely. Their StugIV Early and Panzer IV Ausf. H Mid are very nice kits.


Go for the 90s production of the Tamiya Kingtiger.
You cant go wrong.

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As others have said, it depends on what you mean by ‘Best’ and what variant of each type. Is it cost, or accuracy, or buildability, detail, inclusions, etc? What will you compromise on or won’t ?

If it is just the best bang for your buck overall (i.e. reasonable cost for what you actually get in the box) my suggestions are:
Sdkfz 251 AFV Club
Pz I Tristar kit (Now Hobby Boss)
Pz II Tamiya MM 35292 Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. A/B/C
Pz III Dragon Smart Kits Panzer III Ausf J or their Ausf N
Pz IV Tamiya Ausf J or Ausf F
Panther Ryefield Ausf G
Tiger I - I don’t know enough about new releases to comment
Tiger II Takom’s without interior
JagdPanther Meng G1
StuG Dragon Ausf B (Tamiya is slightlty better detail wise, but the Dragon has indy tracks in the box)
any of the Bergepanzers Takom Ausf G

This list is purely a balance of reasonable accuracy, detail and included accessories vs cost to acquire.


I knew when I wrote this that it was opening a can of worms. However, I didnt want to taint replies by putting restrictions on it. So getting your opinions based on your experiences in a variety of ways is exactly why I left it open ended.

Thanks to those that have replied so far, and Ill start researching accordingly.

For those about to reply, thank you for any/all insights you have to offer and Ill look at those suggestions as they come up.

Also, I have an extensive collection of Tamiya and a few Dragon kits. With the wide variety of improved kits over the last few years I figured I needed to learn about what is out there and worth getting.

Thank you!

The RFM Stugs are pretty nice.

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WRT Tiger I kits, you could do worse than read through Dave Byrden’s ( rundown of all the kits on the market. May help you decide which brand & which specific tank to go for.
FWIW, he has had significant input into Dragon’s kits of this tank, not to say they are necessarily the best brand.
I have several Dragon Tiger kits & also the RFM Initial (Tiger 100). The RFM kit is a nice box of plastic

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I also have a Meng Tiger II, which is a lovely, simple kit of this vehicle

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My view based on fun to build, dimensional accuracy, quality instructions, details & easy of assembly.

Sdkfz 251 - not impressed with any of the kits available.

Hope is in the air…
Snowman 1/35 Sd.Kfz.251/1 D - totally new

Pz I TriStar
Pz II newest Tamiya kit

Pz III Academy, Ryefield

Pz IV Ryefield, Dragon,
(MiniArt if you like a ultra hight parts count)

Panther Dragon’s Panther G, Meng’s D & A, Takom’s A

Tiger Dragon

Tiger II Dragon

JagdPanther Dragon, Meng

StuG III Ryefield

any of the Bergepanzers no idea

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