Your six essential modelling tools

Thanks @18bravo. Not sure if i will ever be good enough for a Magnum !

Ah. Magnums are highly overrated. Even my wife does well with the .357.

Of course she may have had a good teacher.
But back to airbrushes - I suppose the Magnum would be some sort of double action, just like the revolver. Although I’ve seen people swear by them, I’ve never in all these years used or owned one. Perhaps I’m really missing out.
Depending upon where you are, a compressor might not be the right fit either. In extreme humidity I found that even with a water trap my airbrush would sometimes spit water. If you start with CO2 right from the beginning you’ll never have to worry about that. It may be a tad pricey to get set up at first, but after that it’s quite economical, and quiet to boot.

Welcome aboard.

I would get one of these, have fun and if you break it, no big deal. I think they even have a compressor set too.