YPR-765A1 PRI .50 APC Ukraine

Some YPR`s seem to have the standard M113 cupola fitted - along with wire cutters mounted either side.

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Thanks gents. More to come soon.

I have seen quite a few different variations of the YPR in Ukraine. Lots of modeling options.

I am thinking about adding the wire cutters. They shouldn’t be too hard to scratch up.

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Really great precise and neat work on this. The interior is looking superb with the conversion and scratch built parts. Good skills Gino.

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Thanks John. I like how it is coming along.

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Great work, Gino! That is really eye-catching with all the details and decals.

I find it neat to see skills improving and the time and effort put into modelbuilding as modelers get older, more experienced, and more prosperous.


Thanks Pete, I think…or are you calling me old??? :thinking:


I have the construction complete. Paint is next. I used the AFV Club PE set for the side baskets. The kit comes with some net and says to “cut to fit” the frames. The PE looks and works much better.

I also scratched the wire cutters from sheet styrene and a couple bolt heads to hold them on.

Here it is so far.


I did not know AFV Club made PE for the baskets, thanks for the heads up.

Wire cutters look good. Can’t wait to see it all in paint.

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Thanks Al. The PE is nice and easy to install. Much better than the flimsy fabric mesh.


I have laid down the base coat of NATO green on the YPR. I am debating what colors/camo/markings to put on it. Here it is so far.

Here are a few options.

I am leaning to the white stripes. I just like the look.

This one is covered on a Star Decals sheet as well.




Nice! The wire cutters, baskets and everything else look great with paint.

I’m partial to the overall green with white stripes without the cockeyed slogan on the side.
Maybe the one with the yellow lettering (KA3NNO?) on the Star decals sheet?

This one’s interesting too.



Thanks Al. I am going with the green w/white stripe, not sure which one though. I just ordered the Star decals, so we will see.


I’m really interested in how you’ll paint/apply the white stripes.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, like the Soviet stripes used for the Czech invasion of 68, but I’ve been afraid of ruining a perfectly good paint jab.

Funny you should ask. I painted them today and was ruminating on how I wanted to do it. I decided to start with masking them off with tape and airbrushing them. I did this on the front half and the lower side stripes. It came out OK, but I did have some bleeding under the tape and I had to clean it up with green paint and a brush.

Then I was trying to tape the rear half and was breaking stuff off. I decided to hand paint the rest of the stripes. So the top stripe behind the cupola and down the rear ramp and the upper side stripes inside the screens are all hand painted. They also came out OK, but also needed some green touchup to get them looking good.

Here they are. I am pretty happy with them.


looking good Gino

Thanks Nick.

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I should have the Star Decals sheet tomorrow.

I’m still not sure which striped one I will do. It may be similar to those on the sheet, not an exact copy version. We shall see. Should have some more progress this weekend.


Stripes look great painted on!
Really nice work on the details

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I did that on one of my Ukrainian builds i also painted on the white crosses as well

Thanks Jeff and Nick. We’ll see how it turns out.

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