YPR-765A1 PRI .50 APC Ukraine

I have started another project. This one is going to be a Ukrainian YPR-765A1 PRI .50 APC. The Netherlands provided a bunch of these APCs to Ukraine. The version I am building is the APC with an M113-style cupola in place of the 25mm turret.

I am starting with the AFV Club YPR-765A1 PRI SFOR model (35119). It is a later version from the mid-2000s with added mesh storage racks on the sides, Diehl tracks, and a few other new features.

I started by flipping over and cutting the kit ring to mount the 25mm turret to fit into the opening flush with the roof. I then cut the inner opening a little bigger (out to the keyed slots) to accept the M113 cupola.

I will also be adding a full crew compartment interior on it. To start, I added details to the lower hull interior by adding the front walls for the fuel tanks from sheet styrene.

I also detailed the inside of the upper hull by adding a layer of Kevlar with cutouts for the firing ports, handles to open/close them, vision blocks for the rear gun ports, and periscopes for the driver and commander.

I also added details to the inner surface of the roof hatch.

Lastly, I will be using a left over Academy M113 gunner’s cupola, armored surround, and gunshield.

This is how it looks so far. Pretty close to the Ukrainian one above.

More to came as I start on the interior using an Academy M113A2 interior. It will eventually look something like this on the inside.

More to come later.


What is the gunner’s cupola armed with in the prototype photo?

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Looks like there is no MG mounted. Mine will most likely have a .50 cal, or maybe a DShK.


Another interesting project Gino. You’ve made a great start. I’ll be following along.


Iv seen a pic on another site and it had what looked to be a PKM MG


Thanks gents. I’ve seen them in Ukraine with a few different weapons mounted. A PKM could work too. We’ll see what it ends up being.


I have continued work on the YPR APC. I have completed building the interior. I used a modified Academy M113 interior in it.

I based the interior on the following pics. The second one is the 25mm turret version, but it shows the commander’s seat behind the driver.

Here it is overall.

I added a second driver’s seat for the commander, just behind the driver. It is also raised up a bit so he can see over the driver. I also modified the gunner’s seat/platform to attach on the sidewall and swing up out of the way if he wants to stand on the platform.

Here it is with the commander’s and gunner’s seats tacked in place. I also tacked a SINCGARS radio and a halon bottle in place where they will attach behind the driver.

A view from the rear hatch.

I also added more details to the ceiling. I added the handle to drop the ramp, and the cables going back from it. I added ceiling lights, a grab handle, and a handle for the driver’s hatch.

Next up will be painting the interior and all it’s details.


Lookig great, lovely extra detailing!!!

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Thanks Bert. Its coming along. I was able to get some paint on the interior over the weekend. Now on to the detailing.

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Very interesting mods
Looking forward to your progress

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Thanks Jeff. Hopefully more progress soon.

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Fantastic work so far Gino!

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Thanks Marty. I like it so far.

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With the holidays over and the kids and grandkids back home, I had some time at the bench. I was able to paint and complete the interior. I painted it overall using Krylon Pistachio spray. It is a perfect match for interior Seafoam Green. It is so close that we used to use it on actual vehicles as touch-up when I was in the Army.

I added details such as fire extinguishers, bags, a couple Australian MRE boxes from the AFV Club Javelin set, a Dan Models (out of Ukraine) Javelin, and some generics bags and bedroles.

Here it is so far.

I used individual instrument decals for the gauges, I also made the Dutch warning labels on the bulkheads myself from pictures of them. I also added the intercom control box and individual J-boxes and wired them all back to the SINCGARS radios. The Intercom and radios are 3D printed parts by @MikeyBugs and look really great.

I forgot to take a pic of the ceiling before closing it up. I added lights and grab straps to it though. Here it is looking in the rear hatch.

I closed it up and am finishing up the exterior construction. I should have some more pics of it all built soon.


That interior looks fantastic Gino.

Awesome work as usual Gino

Fantastic work so far Gino - I’m pretty late to this topic but I really appreciate this build considering my country (Philippines) had/still have some AIFVs mucking about - I have the afv club kit which I abandoned two years ago after I broke some parts.

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Good work on turrent instalation. I had similar problems couple years ago when i depicted this vehicle, albeit with some local modifications. I haven’t touched interior as you did (great work!).
You can see it on this link on my blog.

I was satisfied with vinyl tracks, they were glued nice with PVC glue, so don’t waste money on some aftermarket…

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Thank you, gentlemen. I really like how it is coming out.

Nigel, hope you continue yours. More YPRs here would be good. They are an interesting little vehicle. I have another that I plan to build w/the 25mm turret, and a full interior of course.

Marko, yours looks great. I really like all the locally added bits and pieces.


Excellent details inside
Ill have to source a can of the pistachio green when I build more armor

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