Yugoslavian T34/85 with Rubber armor

Hi all, I came across this image as I was looking through photos of T34s looking for an interesting paint scheme. I want to build it but Im not sure how to build the rubber armor. Maybe use plasticard then add a slight texture to it with some Mr. Surfacer? Im not sure how to do it but it looks like a very interesting subject. Anyone have any ideas?


You could try milliput rolled out thicker?
Maybe lead foil?

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Ooh lead foil might work.


You can try replicating the rubber sheets with Miliput or Tamiya Epoxy Putty.

Wrap the tank in food wrap, getting it as close as possible to the spots where you’ll need the “rubber armor” on .Next mix the putty.Using a round rod roll out a ball of mixed putty into a thin sheet(sheet thickness depends on pressure applied on the rolling rod), then cut the individual pieces and place them where you want them to be.Press little bit here and there if needed.When happy, leave the tank with the sheets for 24 hours so the putty can cure.Then remove the food wrap and you’re ready.

Or if you find real rubber sheet(from old bycicle inner tube or rubber gloves)…you might even avoid painting it…



I like the milliput idea, but if I can get my hands on some real rubber sheet I’ll definitely do that.
Thanks guys!

I came across a build like that and the person used lead foil. I’ll see if I can find the link.

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Thanks Jason!

This isn’t the one, but this build did a good job with the skirts and the mail bags stuffed with sand. [TMP] "Demon from Croatia - T-34/85 " Topic (theminiaturespage.com)


Sweet, I’ll go check it out.

SOme reference here. I spent a few hours yesterday trying to figure out what kit I can use, but naturally I can’t remember where I saw the lead foil being used.

Otvoreni maketarski forum :: Vidi temu - T-34/85B HV (maketarstvo.net)

Armorama :: T -34 in the bosnian war (kitmaker.net)

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I just noticed that there are old tires under the rubber mats on the turret.

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IIRC one chap built that one or similar and used I believe flexible magnetic strips… I THINK the build was in a MMI magazine a few years back.

Just thinking that perhaps thin craft foam might work too?

Thanks for all the info guys! Ill look and see what I have to try to build it.

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