Z is dead - 2S3 Akatsiya - Ukraine 2022 by Witold Socha | Armorama™

A fantastic build from modelling friend Witold Socha based on a photo during the first few days of the invasion. Destroyed 2S3 Acacia from the Soviet zombie army with its conquerors

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/z-is-dead---2s3-akatsiya---ukraine-2022-by-witold-socha

Hey You have stolen my idea ! :grinning: Great work and very nice weathering.

I saw that one on Moson show and it looked fantastic.

Great idea and an even better execution. Well done!


Beautifully done ! The painting and weathering on it looks excellent as do the figures.

Great build and the weathering looks spot on.

I love diorama’s that are based on a photo.

Nice build, I also like dioramas based on a photo. Being an American, it took me a couple of minutes to tie in the Pulp Fiction connection to the title…well done! :grinning: