Zimi (Hong Model) 1/35 ZSU-23-4M2/M4

Looks like Zimi Model has released the ex Hong Model ZSU-23-4M2/M4 kit. As I recall, Hong had plans to release it after the ZSU-23-4M/M3 (also reissued), but the company went belly up before the M2/M4 boxing came out.

Apparently Zimi Model bought up quite a few companies molds/products when those companies went out of business. They are reissuing the Kitty Hawk helicopter and airplane kits, Panda armor, and now some of Hong’s prior products. Hopefully they will keep going with the new products they announced as well.


Wow that’s great news. I always wanted one of those Blackhawks. Wonder what the pricing will be like ….

Pricing in the U.S. is all over the place. Best current price for the Blackhawk/Seahawk kits is at Sprue Brothers for $112.

It’s interesting about the KH kits because it was long rumored that Trumpeter had bought their molds, and they released the 1/32 F-5s under the “Storm Factory” brand name, and now it looks like Zimi has gotten all of the KH stuff.

Possibly Zimi is another sub-company of Trumpeter, just like I :heart: Kit, Merrit, Hobby Boss, etc…

A T92 and a T93 in the catalog.

I did notice a bunch of Panda box art.

They also have out a Navy Quad 40mm. Boforus.
Spru Brothers has them listed.

Are they a Japanese company or Chinese all their prices are in yen

Chinese company, but like many others, sold at various shops in different countries in local currency.

I wish thier site had english translation

SprueBrothers has two ZSU-23’s in stock and the price is $51.99.

Yep. Have the M2/M4 on the way. Already had the M/M3 in the original Hong boxing.

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Wonder if anyone makes a crew for that US Navy Bofors gun. That would make a great diorama.

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