Zimi Model

Just stumbled across Zimi Model homepage. Looks like they bought the Panda stuff.https://www.zimimodel.com/product-category/tank/1-35-tank/

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They have gotten the molds from Panda and Kitty Hawk. It is my understanding they are part of the Trumpeter family.


,So 4 “Trumpeter” brands then?

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HobbyBoss (Tristar)
Zimi (KittyHawk, Panda)
I love Kit (Merit)

I forget who else is under the umbrella. The companies in parentheses are old companies acquired. I am probably missing a few.

unless it’s a total retool, it appears Hobby Boss has Panda’s Panzer 38(t)

Don´t you forget I Love Kit?

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Correct and it’s earlier Merit name.

Interesting. ZM35027 - M109A7 Interior Structure. It’s a separate listing from the the actual M109A7. I guess that means we’ll get an interior for a really bad kit. Unless of course they follow my advice and photos and fix it.

And a T92.

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Fingers crossed Rob.

I wonder how their Shilka kits compare to DML and Meng?

Merit was not acquired by Trumpeter as far as I am aware. Merit International is a US distributor of models and hobby products. Their kits were produced by Trumpeter for them, similar to the association Das Werk has with Amusing Hobby and others. I suspect that Merit either sold the rights to Trumpeter, or there was an agreement in place that the rights would transfer to Trumpeter after a certain length of time.

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The Shilka kit is the Hong Model kit, the only one they released in 2015. You can find reviews of the Hong kit on-line, even in the Armorama archive.

So far it’s exaclty the same kit. And as with their other Panda kits, same box art, same instructions. Kitty Hawk kits will likely have the same issues. Never been a fanboy.

Their attention to detail regarding their site is not a good indicator either. Under Army 1/48 they have aircraft ground equipment listed. Under Air Force 1/35 they have Army and Navy Aircraft listed. They have a log in but no way to create a new account.
A vast majority of their kits seem to all cost ¥999.00.
$139.86 for that Paladin? Nein, danke.

My favorite plastic pusher sells Zimi Shilka for 55 Euro. Not to much I think.