Zimi Models PLA HJ-10 in 1/35. All new to me

Also to do a ZSU 23 4 in a couple of versions if you’re not happy with existing options.


new company?

I hope it’s not based on the Panda molds.

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Looks like it’s based on Panda…

And the Kittyhawk Blackhawk kits, too.

Is the the new panda models under a new name?

Looks like this company and I think Trumpeter has some of their molds

I looked at the thier site every piece of armor is the former panda models
one thing that is new is the BAe contender for the MGS

Hopefully they release all the former Panda and Kitty Hawk kits. Some were really good and not done by anyone else.

Some of the old panda kits i seen were as follows both versions of the VMMD husky,HMEE-1, MAX PRO
DASH DXM and the M109A7 Paladin

I did see the '107 with interior there, too. Some positive stuff along with the T92 and T93.

All NEW Shilka also :grinning:, I’m wondering why there is no models from Zimimodels in Scalemates or on eBay .

Mostly maybe🌘

Panda and kitty hawk back as Zimi

Scalemates released a list of new announcements from Zimi Models today. There are a few interesting 1/35 armor kits based on the Lorraine chassis. I know the Panda molds were not the greatest, but I like the thought of a new 1/35 Beobachtungswagen auf Lorraine schlepper that’s not from RPM.