ZimiModel T92 & T93

Has anyone had to opportunity to check out any of the ZimiModel kits? I’ve not seen these two done by anyone before:

(ZM35001 T92):

(ZM35002 T93):

I’d certainly want to get my hands on both of these, though their website doesn’t list a price - so future release?



Most of their catalog seems to be re-pops of Panda/Kittyhawk and Hong Model. But they do seem to be offering some new-tools also. Their Bofors is original and might give an idea of Zimi’s quality:

[模型网评测]ZIMI模型(ZM53001)-1/35 博福斯四联防空炮-简介与开盒_其他模型公司_模型网Moxing.net

no not yet i been looking at scratch building one but still some parts i need some information,
also getting right sprockets is a issue in 1/35trcak AFV Club and wheels M26 but the rest is a scratch build and a lot of mesh. the gun platform has the biggest bit .


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I just got their quad 40 and from first look it is a very impressive kit. Metal barrels, hoses, and the base can either be steel deck or wood deck
Mk. 51 or Mk. 57 (with Mk37 radar) directors are included so either WWII or Korean War configurations are possible.
A 27 page instruction booklet and one sprue of 12 ready “clips” of shells (plus 4 sprues of ejected shells). You’ll only need to source about 100 more clips to fill the racks that line the tub
You’ll need to check your references since not all gun tubs had the ready round racks and not all quads had full shields

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