Zimmerit on the tiger 1 F13, where do the damage come from?

Hello, I want your opinion on that because I want to do another attempt at the academy ferhmann tiger I that’ll look much better than the one I’ve used for the flammpanzer VI. It’ll be shown before the battle he was in, so with less damage on the zimmerit and he won’t have the rommelkiste on since the picture don’t show the support. In my opinion, at least some of the hull damage came from the battle or the meteo, on the turret, it seem they scrapped part of the zimmerit to paint the F13 and the gun mantlet seem to have taken shot, hence why no zimmerit on the side .

Thanks for your answers!

Axis History Forum - Tiger 1… Gruppe Fehrmann April 1945

Lots of information, some pictures including a Fehrmann Panther, plus may references to other pictures in various books etc.

My opinion is non-traditional: tired old beat up, worn out and lashed together F13 belonged in a museum or at a driver training school by April of 1945, not on a battlefield.

I wonder if some of the damage on the hull aren’t due to people climbing on the tank postwar or the meteo consideirng that nearly all the roadwheel are out

No idea.

I do know it was fairly common Allied practice to put a couple of rounds into an abandoned Panzer to see if anyone was home. A disabled Panzer might get hit half a dozen times with various caliber weapons after being abandoned.

I mean wouldn’t you put a couple of 76mm high velocity rounds into F13 just for the hell of it the instant you spotted F13 if you were an Allied tanker in April of 1945?

I’d want to see it brewed up or burned out :fire:

It came from a driving school, as did all the fehrmann tanks.


my main thought is that it should be done with less damage to the aimmerit than usual since some of it might be due to the battle the tank was in, the meteo, or people climbing on it post war. Academy decided to go for not representing the zimmerit damage on the hull but on the turret.