ZPU-1 Past And Present

I bought the Meng pickup with the ZPU-1 gun because it was the only example of that gun I could find. I did want to use the gun itself as a Korean War antiaircraft gun with a crew on the ground, but wondered if the kit gun is the same as the 1950’s version, or were there any updates?

It will depend on the manufacture; there are differences between the ZPU-1 built in the USSR and those made in China (as the Type 75 and 75-1).

Soviet ZPU-1, captured from the Egyptians and reused by the IDF. You can see the vent holes are slotted.

Chinese Type 56/ZPU-4. You can see the vent holes on the shroud are circular.

You can follow the link below for a detailed walkaround of a Chinese made Type 75 AA gun.

TOADMAN’S TANK PICTURES ZPU-1 14.5MM AA GUN (toadmanstankpictures.com)

Thanks for the info. I suppose every freestanding ZPU had to have wheels on them.

Kind of hard to pick a ZPU-1 and put it on your back to move it from point A to point B. :grin:

Not at all. The wheels are easily removed.

I am not an expert on air defense, but I assume that some AA guns are left over the long term at sensitive areas.

Yes, there are fixed ADA sites where they are more permanent.

I did see some YouTube videos of that gun, which showed it working in modern times. But I wanted to do a Korean War version, and I wondered how this gun was served, besides the person shooting the gun. I couldn’t help but think of the old Dragon kit with the Chinese AA team, but I want to do this gun instead.