Zsu-23-4m wip

In all my years on the old site I never once posted any work of mine so I figured it was way past due. This is the DML ZSU with Modelkasten running gear, RB barrels and an extensively reworked Trakz interior as well as some Eduard photoetched parts


Looks good. I have that same setup, minus the tracks, as a shelf queen.

Looks amazing!

Very nice indeed; 'always loved the threatening look of this beast - lethal.

Very nice. I have the Meng ZSU with the old Kirin interior set in the “to-do” pile. I hope to get started on it soon.

Wow that looks excellent

Thanks guys! l’d estimate construction is about 85% done, the electronics rack and commanders panel still need all the face details added and the cannons and associated bits still need finishing off. The proof is in the paint as they say.

Looks great. I don’t know what you have for references, but the interior electronic boxes should have a silver “hammer finish” paint on them. Might be tricky to replicate in 1/35. I have one of these, so I am watching to see how it comes out.

Sorry for the stupid question gentlemen: Is the KIRIN interior kit the same/equal/inferior/superior to the TRAKZ interior kit?

Thanks for your answers


Hi Tomas,
the Kirin kit, in my opinion, is inferior to the Trakz kit but that’s not without it’s problems either. The DML turret ring is about 1/4 " too small in diameter so with the interior being sized to fit it there are issues particularly at the commanders position . We really could use an interior designed to fit either the Meng or Hong kit, with a removable roof panel a lot is visible .

Great job on the interior. It would have been a shame not to share it :wink:


Nice build and they always do look intimidating. When I was on a Bright Star in Egypt, we saw lots positioned on prominent high ground along the exercise corridor. Not sure if they were covertly keeping eyes on us or the Israeli side to the east or Libyans to the west …

Thanks Ken. I’ve seen the hammer finish on many components in Soviet vehicles but to duplicate it wasn’t thinking of much more than a coat of silver, we shall see. Just looking through the photos I took for this post has me thinking of picking it back up, good motivation.

Thank you Olivier, casting is definitely not one of my strengths. Along with soldering it’s something I’m working on improving but need much more practice to get acceptable results.

The time and efforts that gets put into armor builds like this is just simply amazing. Looking forward to more.


Looks great! Its been a while since I saw it last at the AMPS Ground Zero meetings years back!

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Hey Scott ! How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Yeah, I may actually finish it sooner or later !

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