Zsu 23 ammo boxes

Hi does anyone make these in resin, I have had a look and the only ones I see are 3d printed and the cost plus postage is too much. Thanks

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If you are referring to the ones offered on Shapeways check to see if you have the right currency selected. Shapeways has a facility in Europe as well as the United States and when you search online and find an item you want to buy it defaults to the United States. I think you have to change to Euros to get it to ship from Europe (I think it’s in the Netherlands).
If you or your modeling club has access to a 3D printer then you can download them as 3D printable files from Cults3D.

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Hi I did check the currency, it was euros and the postage was almost as much as the item.

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Thanks for that one , I don’t have a 3d printer but I will see if I can find somewhere that can print it. Thanks again.

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I don’t know why the postage would be so high, especially since most of the products Shapeways makes will fit into a small box. Is it something to do with Brexit?
What’s the shipping to have it made in the US and shipped to Europe?

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Hi I guess it’s to do with brexit, I put that it was going to be shipped to Germany and the postage halved. I will see about using the programme you highlighted or even give making them myself. I think it strange that no one makes them in resin, I can get ammo boxes for all the other aa guns Meng produce

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I also needed some extra ammo cannisters for a M113 mounted ZU-23/2.
I replicated the two cannisters that were in the zu-23/2 kit.

My mould was done with dual component sylicon.

For the casting, I used SINTOFER putty.

Because the material tends ton contract when drying, I had to repeate the porcess.

I eventually managed to get something good enough for what I wanted…

It was fun testing this method.
Next time I’ll be using the greenstuff resin.
Good luck to you