Zvezda 1/72: Fw 190 A-4 in a "low level flight" :-)

Hi mates!

This is my new Fw 190 A-4 in 1/72 scale from Zvezda.
For a so-called “snapkit”, the 190 comes across quite well. Can be compared with the kits from the “Easy Assembly” series from HobbyBoss.

I built out of the box. Only stretchy yarn was used as an antenna wire. And a “blurred prop”. To do this, I airbrushed the blurred contours of the propeller onto a cut-out piece of clear plastic. Templates and tutorials were available online. However, it took a few attempts to get a satisfactory result.

Otherwise the “Wuerger” is painted with colors from Tamiya and Mr.Hobby (Gunze).
Aging was done by washing with diluted oil paint, using pastels, some chipping with a sponge and an exhaust plume by using the airbrush.

The display is simply an upturned wooden lid from a glass jar. These lids are often a “bycatch” when I visit a well-known Swedish furniture store again.
On this lid I simply stuck a graphic printed on special paper to which I previously gave some motion blur in an image editing program (“Gimp”).

Two drill holes (one in the wooden lid, one in the underside of the model) and a clear acrylic rod ensure the necessary distance between the model and the surface when “flying low”.

My 190 shows Erich Rudorffer’s A-4, as he flew it at the 6./JG2, Tunisia 1943.

Stefan (“Zimmo”) :blush:


Looks amazing, both the propeller and the motion blur effect on the ground, very well done.

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Very nice effect. It really looks as if the plane is flying :drooling_face:

I had also tried to make rotating propellers for my little Breguet Atlantic. Your propeller is 1000% better

Atlantic (8)

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