Zvezda 2024

It is quite possible that many did not know about such Zvezda products.

Here is now the entire catalog.


Well, that was very useful - I hadn’t quite realized that the Zvezda range was so comprehensive.

I must admit - at the risk of sounding like a one-trick pony - that I would have loved to have seen the formidable RDS-10 Pioneer missile (aka SS-20) in 1:35. It would have been, well, sort of appropriate from a Russian manufacturer. For those fraught years back in the mid 70s to the mid 80s, we had the threat of the Pioneer, only eventually countered by the deployment of cruise (GLCM) and Pershing 2 - and of course, we have those from I Love Kit.

Oh well, perchance to dream; thanks for the catalogue coverage though.

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Zvezda began to fulfill its promises for 2024. There is nothing on the official website yet, there are only photos of the test assembly online,

but the online store “Я-моделист” has already announced pre-orders.

It has already become a good tradition to include all sorts of “delicious” additions free of charge in the pre-order. For this set it is a sight with an installed panorama and a metal barrel

Also available is a 30% discount on the following:
Tracks TL35025 from GE Models

Photo-etched from 035560 from Microdesign

Front end from GE Models in three versions:
with solid wheels TL35026

with spoked wheels TL35027

with late pneumatic wheels TL35028

A bunch more additions from other companies are being prepared.
Analog from SPM Studio Perfect Model

Two sets of figures from Arma Models

Radio station from Live Resin

And, according to rumors, a set of 22 figures.

I am sure this matter will not end.


Looks much nicer than the “challenging” Eastern Express B-4 kit.


Or the ejector pin mark bonanza that is the Trumpeter kit. There are bigger issues, but it will be nice when we can start getting new Zvezda kits again.


hannant’s seems to be carrying Zvezda - I can’t imagine it’s all old stock from before…

The star showed photographs of B-4 sprues. There is still nothing on the official website.


Zvezda posted information about the B-4 howitzer model on its website, but only in Russian.

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It looks like a fantastic kit, do they have a release date for it?

This is exactly the beginning of sales. Our price is 2200 rubles ($23.78).

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Wow! What an incredible price, and I know new Zvezda is top quality. That’s almost 1/3 the price of the Trumpeter kit. Too bad I can’t buy it.

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Don’t worry - you can do it. Just as I can buy any goods through intermediaries in any store in the world, so you can buy any Russian goods. Look on eBay - there are a lot of models from Zvezda, incl. new products. A couple of weeks and this set will appear there. The law of the market (as we were told): if there is demand, there will be supply. Just a little more expensive.


And Microdesign showed its set of photo-etching for this model.


The star showed renders of its future model of the Soviet self-propelled artillery mount “Gvozdika” on a scale of 1/35. The specific release date is still unknown. The company writes “…in slightly more distant plans.


The Gvozdika is on my wishlist.

I only hope Zvezda will offer much easier to build link and length tracks than Trumpeter(dealbreaker for me).



A 2S3 would be nice as well, I understand the Trumpeter kit turret has problems.


There is a few aftermarket sets to choose from. The Trumpeter track didn’t seem that bad. 4 bits to make two tracks. I’m I missing something about those?

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Yes Ryan, I am aware of that.

But then- why should I buy an AFV kit, if then I must (not decide to) buy aftermarket tracks for it?

The problem with Trumpeter’s tracks is mounting their individual guide horns.You have 2 guide horns per track and as you need 230+ tracks, it all sums up to 460+ glued individual guide horns.

Keeping the glued horns aligned while the glue sets is a punishment- they keep wobling and leaning.



All fair points.

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