Zvezda 2024

Zvezda, stretching out the pleasure, began to show new products for 2024


Put me down for a 1/48 Ka-52 :slight_smile:


Hoping for an early ZIL-130 in 35th scale!



i suspect it will be difficult to purchase these products in the UK under the current circumstances.

All aviation.

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@Klaus-Adler David there’s no issue getting Zvezda kits in the UK as they export out of Austria. Found this out after speaking to the owner of ‘Models for Sale’ at one of the shows. He also indicated that they are registered as a business in Austria, not sure if that last bit is correct but he said he has no problem getting hold of Zvezda.

Loads of places sell them in the UK, models2U, jadlam etc but the one I find that has them the quickest (and cheapest) is emodels, I have had the latest Zvezda kits from there even before other stockists have had them.

What is their new 1/35 kits?

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We’ll find out soon - they stretch out the pleasure and publish in parts. Hundreds of modellers have been mocking the models they produced for a whole year, and now Zvezda is mocking the modellers a little.


That’s fair. :+1:


@Littorio i never knew that, thanks for the information it’s good to know. i thought with all the trade sanctions that this kind of thing was off the menu.

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Please update us. I’m hoping for some additional T-34 variants.

You got a feel for the time, but not the theme. So far there is no news on the T-34. Just a couple of hours ago:
"We continue to reveal our plans for 2024!
Today’s turn is ground vehicles in 1/35 and 1/72 scales!

Models of the GAZ-66 truck, self-propelled gun “Gvozdika” and a new version of the T-62M will be released in 1/35 next year!

Artillery fans will also be pleased with the model of the Soviet B-4 howitzer.

There is a small celebration on the 72nd scale street :slight_smile:

The long-awaited KV-1 and T-70 will be released in the theme of World War II models, and the line of models of post-war and modern equipment will be replenished with the T-62, BM-21 Grad and KAMAZ Mustang!

All these new products are completely new developments of our company.

In addition to the release of new models, you will find a reissue of a number of previously released sets. Information about them can be found on the catalog pages in the ground equipment section, in the appendix to the post.

The theme of 1/100 scale models has not been forgotten either. But we’ll tell you about it a little later!





I thought that it would be more convenient for you to read in English. But for me it’s the opposite. :grinning:


Does Zvezda offer the dump truck in a larger scale? I don’t recall seeing one.

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But Zvezda produces ship models.

Let me remind you: the real catalog is in Russian. This is an automatic translation product. Therefore, the text may be “crooked” in meaning and display.


It turns out that Zvezda also releases this.

Since I started showing it, I need to show it to the end.