Zvezda BMD 2

I will just say it and get it over with , I love Zvezda kits. This is no exception . This i would highly recommend to anyone who likes airborne armor .
Overall the kit was a dream to build … Yes I did add some scratch details .
It seemed fitting to show this vehicle on training maneuvers on the Russian steppe and at the same time pay tribute to the iconic t-34.


Really nice! I love the toy tank look of the BMD series , the T-34 turret looks great as well. I still have all the EE BMD kits waiting in my stash that were bought at AMPS 2004.

I love the BMD . Eastern Express are not bad kits to work with. A little extra love and they are beautiful

Another great build and finish Chris :+1: is the grass effect a mat or something else ?

Thank you my friend. It is actually static grass applied over a foam base with pva glue


Chris that is some more fantastic work! I love Airborne subjects , especially armor- and Russian at that , and you’ve done a brilliant job with it.


Very nice indeed Chris - another iconic Cold War piece of kit. If I may, perhaps an antenna?

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Yes i did miss the antenna. That got past me . Now I need to add one .
It was such a fun build and highly recommend it

Again great job Chris!
I have the BMD from Skif somewhere in my stash. I used the turret for a vignette. I still have the rest of the hull, I might use it in a diorama.

I’ve thought it would be cool to build a BMD all fitted out for airdrop with stowed parachutes and such.

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Yes I’ve thought about that for years after seeing someone do it. It was a long time ago and I can’t remember who the modeler was or what publication it was in. The article also had drawings I think and some museum photos- very cool.
I just saw a pic of a wrecked BMD in Iraq with its turret blown off that was supposedly knocked out by a USMC M60A1. Sounds like a great idea for a diorama.

Those are all great ideas … If tou find rhe drawings please share

Sure thing !

Very nice paint job. But you attached the AT-4 launcher the wrong way. It should face the other direction.


Thank you . Ill correct that

What did you use for grass?

Static grass on foam attached with pva

Btw, anyone know where I can get a BMD -1 turret sprue? I used the turret from my Skif BMD for a vignette.

Great looking vignette. You might just get the zvezda kit and use the rest for spares

Thanks Chris.
I still have the rest of the Skif kit minus the turret and I didn’t want to be left with another incomplete kit if possible but I may have to do that.