Zvezda SU-122 Build Blog

So, continuing on my build blog from the old forum, I have started weathering of the SU-122, mostly pin wash, oils and some chipping, more oil streaking and pigments to go. Will muddy up the running gear a bit as well.


Looking very nice! I have the same kit waiting for me so you give me a nice example. What color green did you use?

Thanks! I used the Vallejo 4BO Russian Green modulating set:
609 Russian Green 4BO
018 Black Green
017 Russian Green 4BO
223 Green
225 Light Green
522 Satin Varnish


Well, finally wrapped this one up. Apart from the upper to lower hull fitment issues it was an easy kit to put together with good fitment and detail. Zvezda has upped their game considerably from their earlier kits and is improving their quality with each kit. This built up into a very respectable SU-122 and is worth a look.


Very nice! The weathering looks spot on!

Thank you!

Very nice. I think you said you used the mesh that came with the kit? From these pics that looks like it turned out really well. Does it come with string for the tow cables? And did you use that?

It looks really good!

Hi Phil, yes I used the kit supplied string for the tow cables, I thought it looked pretty good.