Zvezda T34-76 Build

Thought I would support my local hobby store and build something stress free OOB and cost less than a set of AM tracks.
It starts with the lower hull.

Then the rest to make the “bathtub”

All very straight forward. The plastic looks like it wasn’t mixed properly?

A clever touch is the top two parts of the track sprues are joined to make a jig for the link & length tracks.

The wheels are a mixture of all steel and rubber tyred.

In keeping with a budget kit Zvezda give you a mesh to cut down for the engine deck grill.

The hull complete. I have left of some bits for ease of painting later and putting the tracks on.
The fit was very good overall…

… compared to a Meng premium kit which is atrocious. Warped as hell, badly fitting and flash on just about everything.

Starting the turret tomorrow and then its on to my favourite bit - the painting.
More pictures soon.


Thats come together very nicely and quickly. I like the mix of road wheels you get with it which adds to the realism. I have been looking at some of the Zvezda kits and was wondering about the fit etc. May well look at one of the modern wagons … T72 and onwards.

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I just received one of their T-90’s and the parts look very good on the sprues. The detail is crisp and clean. Fingers crossed it builds up easily.

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Which Meng kit had that atrocious fit?

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Thanks Rory.

Neat kit! It’s always fun to clean out your modelmaking palate with a simple kit built just for the sake of it. That’s clever how Zvezda made the jig. Looking forward to seeing the finished build!

Don’t take my word for it;

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Luckily I haven’t bought a kit like this before.
I would find it looks awful when something isn’t mixed properly?
I hope your project will nevertheless be succesful.
I wish you all the best with making your project.

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Turret assembled. All primed with Mr Surfacer 1500.

Made some wheel masks for the four rubber tyred ones plus a 5mm disc to cover the clear headlight lens.

Inside of tracks painted with Tamiya rattle can. I am hoping that when I mask the areas off where the wheels polish the tracks and then weather them they will tone down a lot.

Hull & turret pre-shaded and AK Real Colors RC072 4BO green heavily thinned with laquer thinner applied.

That’s it for today, Guinness at the pub beckons as does solids while watching the snooker.


It certainly appears that Zvezda has stepped up their game! Nice looking kit.

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Looking very nice there Cats. That 4BO looks the business… I just got a bottle of it for the Bulgarian Panther I’m going to do.

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This is as far as I am getting with this. My 4 YO niece decided to play with it and the other side has no track anymore! My wife and I had a pretty sharp row about keeping visiting children under control and of course I am in the wrong :wink:


Thats a real bummer Cats. it looks really nice though with the side you can show. very nice finish on it.
and sadly … when it comes to SWMBO … we are always guilty or in the wrong, or both …

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I am between a rock and a hard place.
I have to leave my man-cave door open because it “needs airing” LOL.

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Thank god its not just me that hears that all the time :grin:


I find I have 50/50 shot of being 100% wrong. :roll_eyes:

The tank was looking good.

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Use it in a diorama where the damaged side is hidden in a deep and waterfilled ditch?
Maybe: "Comrade commissar, we had to ditch the tank " ?
Maybe some member who knows Russian could provide an idiomatically and grammatically correct phrase?

Some inspiration (a Serbian tank in this case, shows the general idea)


Thanks for the suggestion but it has now gone to be re-cycled.