Zvezda T90A

Zvezda T90A from 2011. Pretty good kit. Not a complex as a Trumpeter kit bit it doesn’t loose much in the detail department. Only real issue with the kit are the attachment points on the wheels to the torsion bars. Tiny half moon shaped tabs that barely protrude. Very weak. Broke off every wheel at least once except 1 and only because on that one the entire torsion bar slid out and had to be reattached. No PE but there is nylon mesh for the intake covers. A bit heavier than the similar Tamiya nylon mesh but a bit easier to work with as it des not unravel as badly and actually holds together fairly well.

Had this at the NCMSS (National Capital Model Soldiers Society) show last weekend and It won 1st place and best Ordnance. The show is really a figures show but they have the ordnance category for literally anything that is not a figure. Last year’s prize was the 1972 vintage Tamiya KV1 complete with motorization holes, gear assemble, and small tube of glue that came out of someone’s stash. This year’s was the Trumpeter Ukrainian T64 Bulat.

Thanks for looking.


Looks awesome! I’m working on this kit right now as well. Great value for the kit, no issues with the build. My only gripe is they didn’t supply a full 5 sided paint scheme.


You’re right but it’s not a biggie as I only use their views as a guide to get a rough idea of what I want.

Congrats of your 1st place ! Beautiful job! Excellent finish and weathering; we’ll deserved.

I was supposed to go to that show but backed out last minute unfortunately. That club always attends our show on Long Island and I wanted to support them plus go for the first time but no good. Maybe next year.

I have this kit too and can’t wait to start it. Is it me or does the suspension ride a little too high?

If you’ve never been it’s a really small show. The display area is very modest size and the majority of the vendors are figure related although there were some others and guys clearing out their stash. The awards are really nice, large weighty medallions done in relief not just two dimensional.

Exactly the issue I had with the Zvezda Pantsir I did !

The T90 looks great though DV. Really terrific finish on it. Lovely build all over :+1:

And well done on the show placement.

Lovely piece mate- its an oldish kit now but as you’ve demonstrated is still well worth putting together. The camo tones are particularly authentic with a nice, faded and dust-covered quality. The bits of mud and grass hanging from the sideskirts is a neat touch. A very well deserved award too- congratulations on it.

@metalhead85- yes the suspension height is probably the biggest issue with the kit but apart from that it is a decent one.

It is definitely the biggest issue. I remember having read when the kit was released that there were some issues with the turret roof as well.

Congrats for the award. It is well deserved.

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Thanks all for the kind comments. Was not aware of the ride height issue being too high. To me it it seems a bit low.

That was the first show I’ve been to in many years and I saw your build last Saturday. The finished product was excellent. I didn’t see any signs of your suspension troubles….

I’m not knocking your picture taking skills but it looked much better in person. Very nice work.

I heard there’s another show by the same outfit in December at the Annandale VFW?

Excellent model. Congrats on your win!


Dang too bad we didn’t know each would be there. Be nice to have met you. Funny what you said about the pictures. Friend of mine takes them for me and I think I the photos look better than the real thing and I can see more details.

Super Glue behind the wheels hides many sins. :grin: :grin:


Congrats on the win! That is a beautiful build and your award is well deserved! Although last years award prize for the same category being the old Tamiya KV-2 is most entertaining to think about. :wink: :thinking:

And I will add this… your build of this kit is a superb advertisement for this particular kit. I had been thinking about grabbing one, now I know. I want one.


I know so much about last years prize kit because I won that one too. I ment to take it and enter it as an oldie but goodie but forgot.

Just be careful when attaching the wheels.

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Great model! It is so good that you don’t even want to look, because you understand that you yourself will never do such a thing!
From the text above, it becomes clear that there are a couple more models of the same quality. Most likely they are posted somewhere on this forum, but my knowledge is not enough to find them.
There is a proposal to colleagues and administrators to make a section for uploading photos of finished models. No construction, discussion, etc. Or in a minimal amount. The panzer35 forums (in the form of a user’s portfolio) and Karopka (a database of finished models) have similar sections.

Nice T90.

I built the Trumpeter T90SA and I’m not seeing much difference in the detail quality, if any.