Zvezda Tiger II & Tamiya Sherman M4A3 (76) done... finally!

These 2 were more or less completed today. Except for the final weathering, since I have not yet decided on rain & mud or frost & snow.

The Tiger II has been put on hold several times over the past 2 years, due to it being so frustrating. Especially the tracks were a headache to me.

The Sherman, allthough not entirely correct historically, is a representation of the 9th armored division’s test with socalled Sommerfeld matting.


The Zvezda Tiger II:

Pretty much OOTB with Tamiya commander, but with homemade grillcovers and towcables.


The Tamiya M4A3 (76) with additional matting out of gauze. And Rye Field tracks… never again!


Nice builds and finishes Ron. Figures are a nice touch for the sense of scale … and both very nicely painted :+1:


Thanks! I actually started building tanks in order to skip painting figures… :wink:


How was the Zvezda KT ? fit/detail etc ? And is it link and length track ?

Overall fit was ok, no issues there really. Detailwise I can not comment, since I am not familiar with the KT, but I would say OOTB it actually looks good.
Major headaches were the single link tracksm which were a real pain to cut and clean up. The plastic frays easily, when sanded and there were numerous sinkholes and ejectormarks. The number of links needed was not specified.
Fit was a real problem with the sprockets, tracks and trackguards. Bad fit all over.

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Good to know. Thanks Ron

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You mean the ryefield workable tracks? I hope so, that means I’m not the only one who does’nt like them. But the 3d printed tracks from ryefield are really good

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The Zvezda King Tiger is old Dragon tooling from 20+ years ago, minus the photo-etch. Dragon re-tooled their King Tigers and replaced the conventionally molded track links with Magic Tracks, and they sold off their original molds.


Yes, those.
I thought they were tedious to do and the accompanying jigg was hopeless!
But they do look good.


That’s true, they look very good when finished, but my hair gets grey by building them. Or better, by trying to build them

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This guy is the Ryefield track link maker and tester … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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For sure :joy: