1/144 Revell AH-64D Longbow

Alright guys here’s my newest finished build. I’ve fought through school and sports and work to finally finish a build and here we are!

Its the 1/144 Revell AH-64D. I added seatbelts, many wire sensors, a rotor tie down, rails down the back, a completely scratch built 30mm chaingun, scratch built a box and accessories based on a reference pic, a scratch built Halotron Wheeled Fire Extinguisher, RBF covers, fueling hose and assorted wires and the base is based after a pic of a national guard Apache

Painted and weathered of course with AMMO by Mig paints and the Hellfire stripes were from the spares box

This was my main reference pic for the wires, random box and base

Hope yall enjoyed!


Nicely done dude. Lots of clever detailing for something that small… Well done :+1:

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Most impressive :clap:

Especially considering the scale. Very sweet!

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Superb. As usual!

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Incredible detail for the size and the painting has helped bring that detail out nicely too!

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Lovely work Ezra.


Incredible detailing, I just finished this one myself and know how tiny everything is, you are a true mm2 (square millimeter) master…