1/16 Panzer I Ausf. A - Takom 1008

I like to keep these build log as a way to keep me motivated during a build. I’ve swapped over to 1/16 scale exclusively since taking a break a year ago. I’m starting out with the Takom Panzer I Ausf. A. This kit is nice and detailed in some areas, and seriously lacking in others. Thankfully we can fix the detail issues with 3D printing.

I started with assembling the suspension/running gear. They are made up of 3 parts with some serious molding lines, especially on the leaf springs. This part sucked. The road wheels were all made from 5 parts, but they are pretty nice.

Here is the rear, which attaches to the return roller and one road wheel. These are only dry fitted for now, otherwise painting the wheels will suck later on, imo.

And here is the front, which attaches to two road wheels. The road wheels all have injector pin marks on one side.

Then I got to the suspension coil… It is easily the worst detailed part in the kit, especially in 1/16 scale! So off to the drawing board I went to design a replacement part. Took all my measurements of the kit part, and here it is. There is a left and a right side, be sure not to place them on the wrong sides. The STL file is available here, in case you wish to print your own.

And here it was after a test print, as compared to the kit provided part (in grey). This is a much better improvement, and actually looks like a coil spring.

The one printed in beige resin was my first test print, and it needed some adjustments. The one printed in black resin is the final. So this is where I’ve made it so far. I am hoping to wrap the lower hull up soon.


Love the I ausf A so will be following your build.

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Put together the sprocket hubs and added some cast texture. From what I can tell there should be a few welds attaching this to the hull, but I will need to wait for my epoxy putty to arrive.

Also finished up the front suspension on the hull. So far so good. There will need to be a weld bead attaching the upper shock to the bracket. Again waiting on the epoxy putty.

Still need to assemble two more wheels, but this is how its sitting.


Excellent! I wish I had waited for your STL file… I’m on to the painting stage of my “Breda” version of this kit. I’ll follow your build with interest. I too have decided to switch to only 1/16 scale going forward. And, no more lacquer… Mission Models paint system and Mike’s OPR going forward as well. Next up will be the Classy Hobby Pz.II Lynx. :slight_smile:

1/16 scale is great, because the level of fine detail you get into is endless as compared to 1/35. I hope more companies make 1/16. My next project will be the Das Werk Stug III.

I am thinking of 3D printing tracks for this build too, I think the tracks provided require too much cleanup and work to make them correct. I had a test print going overnight, and it seems it worked out perfectly. Once cured I will test a few links out and see how it compares.

Although I DID build the included tracks, I discovered that when I looked at photo’s of the early Pz.I, the included tracks are not correct. They are correct for the Ausf. B but not for the early A. The guide horns should be hollow for the A. So… I ended up ordering a set of the early A tracks from T-REX and I’m still waiting on them. I’ll use the tracks that I built for the Ausf. B version of the Pz.I (I bought one of those too, Takom No.1012), I’m still deciding if I’m going to build that one without the demo-charge arm.

The day Andy published that 1st youTube video I got in line for the Das Werk kit as well, but I think I’d like to do the Pz.II before I jump into that one… I’m gonna give the aftermarket suppliers ample time to generate some upgrades before tackling it. I just found out that T-REX is going to do a set of 1/16 Winterketten for it :slight_smile: That makes me happy because I just don’t have the time right now to deep-dive into the 3D printing adventure.

Also on the shelf… and after a zillion emails and a bucket of money, the Panda Pz. 38(t) with all of the PE that can be found. I’ll get all the other builds under my belt before doing that one. :slight_smile:

Post pics of your tracks when you get a chance. I’m excited to see them. Question: are you familiar with “Tankbrusher” on Patreon? His STL files are currently only 1/35 scale… I’m just wondering if it would be possible to scale these up for 1/16?

Thanks, Matt. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am a patreon of Tankbrusher, I scaled up his tracks for the print but they are missing the casting marks, I think I need to add that. The kit provided tracks are okay, but the guide horns are more square than round, and they have weird flat edge on one of the inside edges of the horn. I think for Ausf. A. the guide horns should be concave, not hollow though. You can see in these photos how the guide horns are quite rounded and stubby with a concave guide horn.

This picture from whatever museum seems to have the longer less rounded guide horns.

Here you can really see the difference. On the left in brown is the kit supplied tracks, and on the right in black the 3D printed ones from Tankbrusher STL.

By the way, I am doing Stug with winterketten too, but I already printed my own in preparation, but haven’t sanded the layer line yet. :smile:


Your Winterketten look FANTASTIC! Great job!

As for the Pz. 1 tracks…… I think the photos you’ve attached have the slightly later version of them… (France & Low Countries). The earliest version (incl. Spanish Civil War & Poland) have the pointy, hollow horns….

As can clearly be seen in this photo. So I suppose it just really depends on when and where the particular tank you’re modeling existed. ☺️

Here’s a pic of my finished build prior to primer….

I re-did most of the weld beads as well as added all of the cast and rolled steel texture. I’m looking forward to paint.

So, do you have any thoughts on maybe tackling any of the larger 1/16 tanks down the road? Either the Pz. IV or Panther G?

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This will be painted as DAK vehicle, Jun 1941 from Operation Battleaxe or similar. I believe for 1941 the late tracks are necessary, but for Spanish Civil War, it would be different as you mention.

Somehow your photos don’t show for me :(. As for thoughts on the larger 1/16, I already have my eye on King Tiger, Tiger and Panzer III. So yes!

Decided to do some prep for the upper hull tonight as I want to display the drivers hatch partially open, but not fully as there will be no interior to look at. This consisted of modelling the inside of the drivers hatch so that it doesn’t look empty.

I do not have the actual measurements to have designed it 1/1 and scaled it down, so it may not be 100% accurate to 1941, but I think it’s close enough.


Here was a really quick and dirty test print. Few adjustments to be made with the thickness of some areas, but the fitment is spot on.

Final version is ready for print. Tabs on the side are to glue it in place with some sort of strength. All in all, happy about this part.

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That is absolutely fabulous, your 3D rendering skills are excellent. Do you use Fusion 360?

Here is the picture of the early Pz.1 Ausf.A

This is perhaps the best pic I could find of these earliest tracks. I just received notice from the shipper that I should have the T-REX early tracks by the weekend. Hopefully they will go together faster than the kit tracks… yes, they were really time consuming as each link had to be cleaned up and using the included plastic pins made assembly tedious.

As for the Stug III build, I found a facebook forum dedicated to the Das Werk kit that I was able to join. Here is the link:

There is a lot of great information so far, as well as progress of aftermarket parts in the works.

This is getting a long way ahead of where you are, but it may eventually be good to know:

Panzer 1 headsets


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I don’t use Fusion 360, except for rendering. But it is the better software to use. I am in the Stug III 1/16 group too, been asking many questions. The T-rex tracks look really, really nice and you are correct, the kit provided tracks for this are an absolute horror to assemble. I assembled them already just to see, and it took forever. Many molding lines on each track to be removed.

For this build, I think I will use my 3D printed ones. From what I can tell they are more accurate for DAK vehicle. T-rex does also show both early and late, except their late type are taller and seem to be more square than round compared to the ones from Tankbrusher. I am curious to hear your feedback on the T-rex tracks!

And this is the tankbrusher STL.

And now compared to a real track link. Note the casting marks, which read A34 on one side, and asw MV on the other. I have no idea which manufacturer that relates to though.

Or just do some Frankenstein version of both… lol

Love that last picture…. Apparently they had to use what was available.

Also, thanks for the link to the Pz.1 headphone/throat-mic timeline. As for the pic of the Panzer commander I posted on the Stug blog, I’ll be using him in the Pz.II that I’m going to model as Balkans 43’. I just set him in the Breda for scale. I’ve actually got the two-crewman set for the Pz.1 coming from Jeff Shiu miniatures. They are modeled wearing the very early war beret that will allow me to convert to Spanish Civil War Nationalist tankers.

There is still a little gap I need to address on the top, but with the armored panel/visor on, I don’t think it will be visible. Came out pretty good.

Added the cast markings to the tankbrusher tracks, which will probably be hardly visible because even in 1/16 the tracks are so small. Printed my own pins as well to bring out the detail.



Impressive man!

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Wow! Those tracks and especially the track pins are amazing! FWIW, I think some of the casting numbers would be visible considering you’re doing this build as DAK. Even with a healthy dose of desert weathering.

Because the guide horns are angled, I am having a hard time getting the cast marks to print. I may have to print the tracks in some weird orientation. But yes, the tracks offered to Tankbrushers patreons (these ones) are great!

I posted a review of the T-Rex tracks a number of months ago here (as well as their 1/35 tracks):


You guys are insanely talented and crazy AF.

I have Takom’s 1/16 Pz I B, and was disappointed at the lack of detail. They couldn’t even include the Receiver/Trigger groups at a minimum?

Weak Sauce.