1/16 Panzer I Ausf. A - Takom 1008

For the price, it is what it is I guess. I am currently working on a upgraded MG13 barrel for the Ausf A… one you can actually see light through instead of just dimples in the plastic… lol

Not sure how the printer will handle such a small part. The shroud around the barrel is only like 1mm thick.

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Those look sweet!!

My disappointment lies in the fact that at 1/35, we get complete breechblocks and in most cases, they’ll never be seen. They could at least cast a couple MG butt ends.

Excellent! I wonder how yours will compare to the Aber MG13’s that I bought for the Pz.1 Ausf.B

On another note, the only part of the kit IMHO that must be replaced is the grossly out of proportion antenna. I am using the Aber 1.4M Stabantenne No.16159 for this. This part has a really nice taper that would be difficult to replicate any other way. I’m going to have to get out my super-cheaters (5.0 reading glasses) to assemble the tiny wingnut that holds the antenna clamp together. :slight_smile:

Maybe the parts in 1/35 would be so small, it might be more trouble for them to cast in acceptable detail? Or maybe they’re just lame… lol

Made some more changes to the MG-13 barrels after watching some videos with the real thing. Not much detail is noticeable on the print, because it is so small.

And here were some successful prints after many tests. According to my reference photos, the MGs provided by the kit are too short.

Probabling going to assemble the turret, next while I wait for my tamiya epoxy putty to come in the mail (day 34 waiting…). Want to detail the weldbeads on the lower hull before I attach the upper.

Since your doing all this 3D printing-I think the wheels look a bit off myself.
Compare them to some pics…

I thinkTakom is using the reinforced ribbing on all wheels when it belongs only on the front axle normally. Munster and Arsenalen are both displaying a Panzer I Ausf. A with all reinforced wheels like in the Takom kit. The Panzer I Ausf. A in the Littlefield Collection (now at the American Heritage Museum fully restored) is also using some random reinforced/ribbed wheels as well on the second and third axle too.

I don’t know if this is because the museums/collections can only source those as original, or if it was common for crews to swap because the non-reinforced wheels didn’t hold up well in certain environments?

I followed this build of this kit here-

And I agree with him about the wheels.

I see it now. They should look like this (below) and not have the rounded or beveled edge. I might try and give it a crack, see what I can come up with.

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Here is where I made it so far. Missing some details, but perhaps this is more accurate?


Looks good from here

This was the final model of the wheel, and here is a test print after some sanding. The file is available here.


Looks great

They look fantastic! I’ll be using the file when I build the Ausf. B… it took forever to file away the ribbing on the original kit parts for my Breda build.

They’re not perfect. but they do look pretty good. For such a small detail I wasn’t going to bother until Dan called me out, lol.

Haha, those wheels look nice.

Do you have the 35th takom Pz I’s? They give you a PE ring to show the lip on the roadwheels but it’s a hair too small.
Just an idea.

I do not, I have no more 1/35 models anymore since I come across 1/16! I increased the size of the lip on the new print, like below.


That extra height on the lip will really assist in painting. Have you updated the STL file posted? Thanks!

So this wheel could be 35th?